"The Pouch"

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  1. What a beautiful color! Looks so soft an luxurious. I wish the small came in smooth other than mist. Enjoy!
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  2. I’m sure they will the coming season! I’m also tempted by the small size...
  3. That is correct. I spoke to BV cust service, and they said the Lauren will be discontinued as the Pouch is introduced. The Lauren is phased out early this year based on Daniel Lee's decision. Maybe he is afraid the designs will compete with each other? Who knows. Only Cabat that still on production since it is the icon of BV. I honestly feel sad and have this sudden urge to collecting all TM's old creations. Which i am already doing...
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  4. Large Coco

    Attached Files:

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  5. Jaw dropping! Did you leave with it?!?!
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  6. nope
    i didn't want anything Nero
    i left with something else :graucho:
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  7. I just checked the website. They’re showing it in Nero, dark green, a tan color.....and mist.
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  8. The proportion looks perfect on you!
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  9. I saw that last night! I preordered the tan today
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  10. yes, that's MY size, but i don't want Nero
    i'm not in a hurry, will wait and see what other colours might be offered down the road :smile:
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  11. I'm sure more colors will be rolled out. I hope you find a color you love!
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  12. I absolutely had to have his bag and just received it thank week as a Mother’s Day gift to myself : ). I got the large woven Nero and I love it! It’s fills a gap I had between my oro chain knot and a “purse”. The knelt is gorgeous but don’t even fit a phone. This fits a makeup bag, sunglasses and lots more of need be. Is buttery soft and matches plenty from casual to cocktail. My knot can handle formal.

    I love the direction things are going. A little more contemporary.
  13. Forgive the typos- my phone is glitching!
  14. The dark green is beautiful. A bit more optimistic about Daniel Lee now.