"The Pouch"

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  1. IMO........the pouch looks cheap. The Lauren clutch is elegant.
  2. +1
  3. I actually like these the most out of all the things we’ve seen so far! But these are 100% Céline, not Bottega, like all the things we have seen by DL. On top of that, they just released the new ad campaign, which is very cool IMAO, but then again, it’s Céline.

    Now, the prices are crazy! $3K for a plain clutch? I might as well get the more expensive, but also more justifiable (to me) crocodile Knot, Médor, Kelly Cut or Petite malle that I always wanted, but was too cheap to buy because they don’t fit my lifestyle.

    PS: @ksuromax , Lava does look a lot like Vesuvio and the name seems to be an analogy. Also, Grass does look like the “new” Irish; they could have just named it “Clover” for the analogy.
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  4. The smooth leather ones are really not to my taste. The combination of the smooth leather, muted neutral colors, and the fluffy shape are somehow off-putting to me. I know that someone out there will love these, so I hesitate to say why I have a negative association with the shapes. I’m more accustomed to clutches that are sleeker in shape, I guess.
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  5. I just saw these pouches on the web today and I thought they are lovely. Nothing groundreaking of course, but they are way better than the maxi cabat. I like how they line it with matching nappa leather and blind BV stamp so the pouch appears seamless. My weakness is plain buttery smooth leather and I love how it pleats. This style somehow reminds me of vintage Judith Leiber crocodile purse. Without the add ons of course. Very simple yet luxurious. Hopefully the pouch is as soft as described. I love lauren clutch and this one comes second.
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  6. I think these are nice -- I hope the leather feels as soft and supple as it looks. Too bad I got a Lauren last year...
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  7. They look quite nice though large seems very large and perhaps a bit hard to handle. I like the small size better but prefer the Lauren overall. So glad I bought mine last year.
  8. Red and Black look good, and bigger size makes it very functional
    small... oh, well...

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  9. 11th snap didn't fit in one post, can attach 10 at a time

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  10. Thank you for posting these photos. It helps a lot to see the relative scale when worn.

    I can’t remember where I recently saw a promo-type photo of the clutch in the woven and exotic versions (it was in print, not online; my mind is like a sieve these days). It looked better to me than in the BV website photos, so I guess this is one that has to be assessed in real life. Not that I need another clutch....
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    Thanks, K, for the photos. It’s helpful to see it modeled.

    I’m trying to reserve judgement until I see and try them myself....but right now, I’m wondering if a size in between the large and small ones might be a more versatile one for me....if they ever decided to make a medium. The size of my Lauren is perfect, but I do want to see the softer look of the pouch.
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  12. seriously, the large one in woven leather is really good, i am from that camp who carries all, including the kitchen sink, hence, it's good size for me, roomy enough, but not too bulky.
    Opening is wide, lining is soft and smooth leather, not too heavy (for that much of the leather)
  13. Thanks so much for all these photos. It’s really helpful to see in on a person. The proportion on the larger one looks a lot more wearable than I thought.

    I’ve got the small on my radar. Is it about the size of pillow or disco? What’d you think of the strap?
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  14. I used to carry my entire life in my bag, but now I carry next to nothing. I can’t remember the last time I carried a cabat. I’m waiting to see both sizes, but if neither works for me, I still have my Laurens. In the past year, I’ve bought more espadrilles than bags, so I feel like I’m in BV limbo.
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  15. most welcome! :smile:
    definitely Disco
    honestly, i didn't check the starp, i wanted to take as many pics of as many different bags as i could, so i didn't mess with the straps (all were packed in and stuffed under the dustbags and tissue paper, so i just skipped that
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