"The Pouch"

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  1. IMO the larger version looks better on K than any of the other photos I’ve seen.
    The small pouch is 9 X 5 X 3, according to the SA. My pillows are 9.5 (across the bottom)X 7 x 2.
    My Argento pouch is 9.5 x 6 x 0. It’s the closest thing I have that gives me a feeling of the size....if I take an inch off both the length and width. But my A pouch is flat so it might appear larger than a fluffy pouch.....
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  2. The pouch seems to me a tad similar with celine pouch on S/S 2018 ad. I did not know the name, so I had to search it on google "phoebe philo celone clutch". Some people said the smooth leather version is divine. May I ask anybody who has seen IRL if that is true? Thanks. Screenshot_2019-02-17-08-21-24-47.png
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  3. I KNEW it looked familiar! More than a tad similar I think. I liked it from Céline and the smooth leather looks yummy.
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  4. Holy Mackeral! Go away for a couple years and everything changes!

    I have to say, not realizing the designer had changed, when I looked at the new season I finally contacted my SA and asked for the Cabat 30 and the Pouch. Finally something fresh. Celine or no, I feel like things are going towards a younger, Instagram kind of market and that will be interesting if not without it’s growing pains. Luckily, I have most of the classics, knots, cabat, Veneta, Roma, pillow etc. or I may be panicking but I think the new look is refined, modern and I can’t wait to try out this bag (in the BV weave of course!)
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  5. I can't wait to see what you think if the cabat 30. It is too heavy for me but I did like it.
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  6. i thought the wallet / cardholder thingy is supposed to be kept inside? why is it dangling aroung outside?
  7. I was intrigued by this style and the new color Lava so my SA consigned the large to me. I do like the style but would like to try a smaller size before committing.

    Lava is very similar to vesuvio. I don’t think I would chose this style in this color.

    Here it is next to vesuvio and china red for comparison. IMG_0519.JPG
  8. It sure makes for a great photo op!
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  9. Yes! My SA said it looked good in my collection.
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  10. I visited the boutique yesterday and saw someone trying out the pouch thus I had a look as well. The smooth leather version has buttery soft calf leather. Great on the feel / touch department but even the small one feels heavy empty. The large is too huge for me. The small one is really not practical as the capacity is more like that of a large purse. The design isn’t something to shout about too especially for the smooth leather version as it looks like a copy from Céline, IMHO. The SA told me that the Lauren clutch will be discontinued...
  11. Sadly, I think most of the TM styles will be discontinued.
  12. Nooo...
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  13. I don’t know why they would get rid of the beautiful BV Lauren clutch, I think it would have had a nice spot among the classics.

    The new pouch is nice, that Tan Carmello colour is stunning, I have a weakness for buttery soft smooth leather. Yes it does feel a bit Phoebe Philo but I think that’s what the handbag marketing is craving right now since ‘classic’ Celine is no longer. I think the pouch will do well but I hope they retain the classic BV styles.
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  14. I’m sad but not surprised. It feels like they’re erasing everything that represents BV to me.....
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  15. I caved a recently purchased large size the camel colour. Had to wait a month before more stock came in. I heard there was a waiting listing from one girl in Italy.

    The leather is super buttery

    IMG_3720.JPG 83E189C8-530A-4FA5-A761-1C1973BE7CA7.jpg