"The Pouch"

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  1. Large Mist Coco

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  2. Nice photos!
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  3. Looks like your boutique got the new interior display fixtures. They were described to me as "jello squares". :lol:
  4. yup, inoticed that it was something new and different :yes:
    but didn't ask, we were chatting about other staff
  5. Apparently the bags aren't the only thing undergoing a transformation. The boutiques will soon have a new look to them as well.
  6. :confused1:
    whatever they do, i hope they will make the lighting better!!
  7. If it is going to be how the outlets are renovated, I personally don't find the stark white look appealing at all. But that's me.
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  8. in our boutiques here the light is so low that sometimes it's impossible to get the idea of the REAL colour with all undertones and nuances!
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  9. The same here. At one such boutique, SAs usually will bring it directly underneath the light to show the colors. After renovation, the lights are definitely brighter than before. I just hope the boutiques here stay as they are and not change to the stark white look like the US Woodbury outlet.
  10. yup, i've been at yours (that one which is near to the dog statue) and yes, light is the same
    Here we usually go to the window, to see it in the natural light
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  11. When my SA sends me photos, she always includes at least one taken under the skylight in the mall center. Otherwise, I’m left somewhat in the dark......pun intended.
    If I’m actually in the store, I usually take the bag outside the mall to get the best idea of the color in daylight....
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  12. STUFF
  13. The Pouch has new packaging to accompany it home with you.
    I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures.
    The dustbag is now White Cotton (like a stiff cotton) with Bottega Veneta embroidered on the front centre in a grey colour.
    The shopping bag is also White with grey Bottega Veneta lettering and wide (1.5inch) grosgrain ribbon for a handle.
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  14. I'm appalled. This is how Woodbury Outlet looks like now. As white as the dustbag and shopping bag perhaps. ‍

    Even the packaging changed. I'm losing the BV I know by the day... mmexport1557095789875.jpg mmexport1557095811014.jpg
  15. to be honest i like it in white better
    at least you can SEE everything!