"The Pouch"

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  2. Iris, new colour

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  3. +1

    Too me it sounds like fake news/hype.

    I have seen several of these in store both plain, Intrecciato and croc.
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  4. that color!!!!!!
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  5. I love this color.
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  6. same here, no any shortage whatsoever!
    any size, any colour in both boutiques and Dept store
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  7. I love my baby pouches but I’m not sure I’d need any more......they’re great for grab-n-go......
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  8. Being a purple fiend, I really like this color.
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  9. The SAs here in Las Vegas say they’re selling really fast. I’ve not seen the large smooth leather ones but the large woven and small woven and smooth seem readily available. One interesting note: I shared my experience with the little green one I got and returned due to construction and an SA said they had gotten a communication from corporate about some quality issues.
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  10. Saw this on my Instagram feed 2FAF21F3-A865-4F9D-A854-FCCE7B581DCB.png
  11. who said the stock is short???

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  12. Plentiful here in Singapore as well. Also, in Seoul airport boutique.
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  13. aha, i guess i know the answer to my question i asked in another thread! :lol:
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