"The Pouch"

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  1. Okay peeps, here goes...
    This is the first in a series of threads showcasing Bottega Veneta silhouettes, both old and new. I thought I would start off with an easy one :lol:
    This is a place to discuss the bag(s) pertaining to the title of the thread. A place to post information about the style, colours available each season, skins available, various treatments available seasonally, your own pictures, your experience with the bag, what fits in this bag, thoughts, feelings (good and bad) etc.

    "The Pouch" is one of the first designs by the new Creative Director of Bottega Veneta - Daniel Lee.
    The Pouch (all versions) is a brand new design introduced for Spring 2019. Launched officially on the website (for pre-sale) in early February 2019.
    It is available in Velvet Calf Intrecciato, Butter Calf, and Crocodile (Cocco Souple)
    It is lined in Nappa leather.
    The BV logo/heatstamp is embossed inside.
    The Pouch is an oversized clutch made with soft folds of handwoven intrecciato leather that envelope the bag’s frame and create a voluminous rounded shape.
    The Pouch comes in two sizes - the regular size and a smaller one called "The Pouch 20"
    All of them come with a wallet/cardholder-style accessory attached by a gold chain (with the exception of Nero which has a silver chain).
    The Pouch in Velvet Calf Intrecciato is an online exclusive.

    Available Colours (as of writing this) and pricing are: *prices listed in US Dollars
    The Pouch Velvet Calf Intrecciato: Nero, Mist, Grass, and Lava. $2,950.00 USD
    The Pouch Butter Calf: Nero, Mist, Cammello, and Mustard. $2,400.00 USD
    The Pouch Crocodile: Neon $23,000.00 USD
    The Pouch 20 Velvet Calf Intrecciato: Nero, Mist, Grass, Lava, and Neon. $1,400.00 USD
    The Pouch 20 Butter Calf: Nero, Mist, Cammello, and Mustard. $1,200.00 USD

    The Pouch Velvet Calf Intrecciato: W-15.3" H-7.8" D-7.4" / W-39cm H-20cm D-19cm
    The Pouch Butter Calf: W-15.3" H-7.8" D-7.4" / W-39cm H-20cm D-19cm
    The Pouch Crocodile: W-15.3" H-7.8" D-7.4" / W-39cm H-20cm D-19cm
    The Pouch 20 Velvet Intrecciato: W-8.6" H-5.1" D-1.9" / W-22cm H-13cm D-5cm
    The Pouch 20 Butter Calf: W-15.3" H-7.8" D-7.4" / W-39cm H-20cm D-19cm
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  2. Photos of Velvet Calf Intrecciato.
    top to bottom: Nero, Mist, Lava, and Grass

    BV SS2019 Velvet Calf Nero 1229.png BV SS2019 The Pouch 569038 VA4H3 2030.png BV SS2019 Velvet Calf Lava 8746.png BV SS2019 Velvet Calf Grass 3714.png
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  3. Photos of Butter Calf.
    top to bottom: Nero, Mist, Cammello, and Mustard.

    BV SS2019 Butter Calf Nero 1229.png BV SS2019 Butter Calf Mist 2030.png BV SS2019 Cammello Butter Calf 2618.png BV SS2019 Mustard Butter Calf 2436.png
  4. Photos of Crocodile (Cocco Souple) in Neon.

    BV SS2019 Crocodile Neon 5617.png BV SS2019 569037 VBGY6 5617.png
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  5. #5 Feb 9, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
    Thanks for posting Von . I was looking at them on the website today and thought that they just restyled the Lauren clutch and don't get me started on the new Cabat's. Looks like they took a knock off a very bad one at that and slapped Bottega Veneta inside. Not impressed at all....
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  6. Some random photos - website mod shots, interior photos, details etc.

    Attached Files:

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  7. Okay. Here are my thoughts on The Pouch...
    I agree with @pursegirl3 that The Pouch is kind of a rip-off of The Lauren 1980 Clutch. I mean, okay they removed the snap closure but the general shape is pretty similar, IMO. Except maybe The Pouch is a bit more east-west shaped, you know? The opening is similar enough though.

    I'm sorry but I think the little attached wallet thingamajig is incredibly cheap looking. I don't like anything about it at all. The shiny gold hardware, the gold rivets that attach the chain to the accessory, the zipper pull... :yucky:
    I can understand maybe why the added it, but it just kinda feels a bit gimmicky to me. JMO :flowers:
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  8. I do like the colors though especially the olive green one....is that mustard?
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  9. I like the colors. I agree that the super shiny gold hardware looks kind of cheap.
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  10. I'm also liking the olive one, and yes it's called Mustard

    Oh, I was told yesterday that it's not coming with the cardholder here, but they'll be releasing it next week so I hope it might changed and it's just display model. The large one has D ring inside at the bottom but not for the size 20
  11. I really have no idea. I just posted the info from the website and although it doesn't state that The Pouch (or The Maxi Cabat for that matter) comes with the accessories pouch, I can't imagine why they would photograph them attached like they are sold together.

    This is the whole purpose of these threads, to create dialogue and share information for those of us who aren't able to get to a boutique and see the bags in person, so thank you :flowers:
  12. @V0N1B2 Sorry! Thought you get new information/confirmation from a SA :doh:
    Because it did say it comes with the cardholder on the website, but it's no longer there when I was checking at the store, so I was thinking it might be regional settings/sales option

    Size comparison for anyone's interested
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  13. I like it better than the Lauren. I think it is a chic looking clutch. I am going to check it out.
  14. I like the smaller one, but I agree with Von that the pouch is cheap looking. It see it seems to be attached inside, and if that’s the case, I’d either leave it inside or remove it. The VF store said they would hold a Nero one for me (they are receiving two). Of course, I haven’t seen it irl, so.....
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  15. is this just me/my screen, or the red and the green look very much like Vesuvio and Irish green?? :confused1: