........ The Fall 2012 scarves ........

  1. I have read that Hermes regularly buys designs from artists for future seasons so that they have many to choose from when putting together a collection. So I am not surprised we have seen so many from Dallet since his death.

    I am looking forward to wearing my new bengals with cashmere sweaters in the fall. I think the design will pair beautifully with greys and fawn and brown cashmere. A color way that I tried on and had a difficult time putting down was the blue cw. It was different from the grey and blue that has been on h.com. I am looking forward to seeing who gets that one because it was gorgeous.
  2. Guess what ouija board? I found out from my local NM that (since February, I think she said) NM isn’t selling Hermes anymore. Maybe that’s only due to the H boutique in the same town and not a nation-wide NM condition???
  3. Beautiful! I was at H yesterday and asked them to reserve that CW of CdF for me. I can't wait to see it IRL!
  4. I'll probably stop by NM again on Tuesday so I'll send you a message if I spot that one or others!
  5. Stunning pics!!!! I just ordered the Tigre du Bengale in red/orange. Can't wait to receive this carré.

  6. i tried it on last week and i thought the corail cavalcadour CS GM was beautiful! i think it appears brighter on the website than in person - the colors are way toned down and from the different ways i tried it on, the ivory is more prominent than from the website pic - i think it would look great on any skin tone or hair color.....

    also i saw 2 of the PdM 90 c/w's - fuschia + olive green - the fuschia to me was way reddish, pictures online make it look more magenta pink - if anyone is planning on buying this c/w online, i would def recommend that you wait until you see some pics posted......

  7. did i miss this memo? Le Laboratoire du Temps is coming in a CS GM???

    i love, love, love this design and c/w's! i thought in was only in 90, so happy it is in 140! has anyone seen this yet??
  8. Pony Express 70 cm - Kermit Oliver - a really beautiful colorway.
    DSC03404.jpg DSC03422.jpg DSC03423.jpg DSC03416.jpg
  9. A lovely H bird said: C'est la Fete is NOT coming as a 90cm twill, it is coming as a 70cm vintage scarf only. There are only 9 silk twills this season, not 10.
  10. What a gorgeous cw of pony express Lanit Thanks for sharing
  11. Masuko, thank you! I hope you will be as happy with yours Tigre as I’m with mine! Please, post some pictures when you receive it, the orange cw should look stunning!

    mimi 123, thanks for info! C'est la Fete somehow doesn’t seem to be as much appealing in 70 as it might have been in 90. :thinking:

    lanit, congrats! Love orange scarfie on the rider! :woot:
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    Dallet is one of my favorites! I have 2 cw of La Treve de l'eau moussies from a few seasons ago. I truly love them.
    I love all his work. Here is a good link to his collaboration with Hermes:

    I am sumobs one of you already know about Dallet, but I am seeing it for the first time....I am now spreading my wings!!! I love all animal and equestrian themed scarves (just slow learning the artist). I am up for a good lesson!!!;)

  13. lanit - I love your neutral Pony Express with your horn cuff!
  14. Does anyone know how many carre the Tigre du Bengale will come in? 13? I have only seen 4 so far on the website.
  15. Codygirl, thank you for that link. Dallet designs are my favorites.