........ The Fall 2012 scarves ........

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    Greetings homies!

    Uno's in da house tonight! :sunshine:
  2. And he wants to give you some bones to chew on!
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    The NEW silk twills:

    Wa 'ko Ni
    Les Cannes
    Tigre du Bengale
    Laboratoire du Temps
    Galop Chromatique
    Coup de Fouet
    Parures des Maharajas
    Parcours d'H
    Astologie Nouvelle

    We believe there are only 9 new ones this season, not 10.
  4. :woot: please~~~~
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    The silk twill reprints

    Mecaniques du Temps
    Casaques et Plumets
    Instructions du Roi
  6. :yahoo: :woot:
  7. GM Mousselines:

    Axis Mundi
    Flot de Cheval
    Coup de Fouet
  8. Dip Dye:

    Brazil II - 140 cm

    Brandenbourgs - 90 cm
  9. I have been waiting for this thread :happydance:
    Thank you uno and co.
  10. Summer Twill:

    La Fabric des Rubans
  11. Gavroche:

    Graff Hermes
    Les FLots du Cheval
    Magic Kelly
    L'annee du Serpent
  12. :woot: Uno!! Sounds promising. There are 2 that have my name. Axis Mundi and Astrologie nouvelle. I'll wait to see how the rest turns out. More news please!!
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    GM Cashmeres:

    Parures des Maharaja
    Le Laboratoire du Temps
    Circuit 24 Fauborg
    Etendards et Bannieres
    Cheval Sur Mon Carre (CSMC)
  14. Colors of Cheval Sur Mon Carre (CSMC):

    gris/boutin d'or/bronze

    noir/cassis/ultra violet



    rouge/crevette/bois de rose



    rouge H/orange/Jaune d'or
  15. :faint: I am loving the sound of noir/cassis/ultraviolet!! And gris/boutin d'or/bronze! I think I'll be coming home with several GMs this season :sweatdrop:

    Thank you, Uno!!