The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. Woops I just realised I forgot to reply with quotes... @averagejoe @Venessa84
  2. Yes, seasonal styles are more limited in production, with some particular styles (especially the higher-priced ones) potentially never making it to several boutiques except the major flagships in the biggest cities.

    I can't say for sure if this design will be renewed next season. The Diorama is released each season in new versions, with only a few being continued into the next season, usually due to the success of the style. The most likely outcome is that this particular style will not be released again in this colour, so it may be a good decision to buy this now while you can.
  3. Ahh got it! Thank you for your advice, I think I know what to do now!
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  4. You'll have to let us know what you decide.
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  5. I loooooove this color! I’d go for it since you may not see it again for a while
  6. Hello

    I have seen online references to a diorama mini. I went to the Dior store yesterday but the associate was clueless about it and said the mini is the Diorama WOC. Is the mini Diorama discontinued or is it seasonal?

  7. I don't think they make this size anymore.
  8. They do still make a clutch style with a handle.
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  9. Thanks
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  11. No they had a mini size that had a similar design as the small but the dimensions were slightly smaller.
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  13. Oh cute!! I probably should have gotten a mini instead of the baby pouch. It's no Jacquemus Mini Chiquito, but it is very close to useless in terms of things I can put into it! I can't even fit most cardholders! :biggrin: I hope you find your mini!
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  14. I found a comparison picture between the Diorama Clutch Wallet and the Mini:
    I recommend going for the clutch or small size if you can't find the mini. The mini has a better chain and closure compared to the clutch, but the price is likely 300-400$ less than the small size. Based on the pictures from the link, the mini is about the same size as the clutch, but the mini is priced significantly higher.
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