The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. thanks a lot! this was very helpfull :smile:
  2. I’m going against the grain and saying WOC. I was after an ultra black Diorama and tried both the clutch and WOC. The WOC was a better choice for what I need to carry. I wear it both day and night.

    Making magic in an LBD and my OTK boots

    At afternoon tea, strap removed

    Worn on the shoulder, double strap

    Worn with the straps tripled

    Worn crossbody
  3. I NEVER cared for the saddle bag until I saw that matte black one! Ugh, I may have a problem here.
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  4. Omg that black matte is gorgeous!
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing photos! If you don't mind, may I ask how tall are you? It fits perfectly on your height...
    I think I will have to go and try them both, and see what fits me better. I need to carry my phone (iPhone 8), 6-key holder, lipstick and some cards. I plan to use it mostly in the evening, since metallic color looks very dressy to me.
  6. You're welcome. I'm 5'1" Definitely try them on to see what feels better for you to wear and use. I knew I wanted the WOC more because the clutch is the same dimensions as my Chanel WOC and I wanted something that held a bit more. Your phone will fit in either one since my phone is a 10s Max and it fits in both with lipstick included.

    I'm excited for you to get your first Dior. The metallic microcannage is gorgeous!
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  7. What is the texture of this bag like? It looks so much softer and squishier than other dioramas? How are you liking it? This seasons ultra matte looks so great in pictures but I won’t have a chance to see it in person for awhile yet unless I order it
  8. This is amazing
  9. I need everyone's help! I love reading about everyone's diorama's and seeing your pictures (the matte black is amazing!). I'm thinking about getting my first diorama but i'm torn between the colors silver, gold, and metallic white. I've seen people wearing the silver, but I have light brown/blonde hair and I think the gold might "match" me a little better (I also just bought a silver celine belt bag) - does anyone have a gold or white micro cannage in a size small or clutch with a mod shot? I'm thinking the small would be better, but the price of the clutch Is more appealing!!
  10. The silver or gold in size small would be perfect. Yes the clutch is much cheaper but it holds just essentials. Also, you can totally rock the silver with your coloring!
  11. Hi guys, what do you guys think of this? I wasn’t really ready to buy a new bag but I saw this and I like it. Should I get it or do you think I can just get one next time...

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  12. It depends on how much you like this style. It is a new release and is seasonal so it may sell out soon. So if you really like it, then I suggest buying it. But if you like other Diorama styles too, then there's not harm in trying others out and waiting till you get one that you love the most.
  13. This blue is gorgeous! If you love it go for it but if you’re questioning then maybe wait for another one.
  14. It’s really gorgeous! No questioning about how much I love it, but not sure if it’s very special in the diorama world or it’s something I can let go and still get a nice one later hehe
  15. I love love love it! But since I wasn’t even planning to get one this soon, I was wondering if this is a very special one I should not let go. My friend thinks this is very rare one. Do these seasonal bags come in limited pieces? My SA had to fly them in from London because the Amsterdam stores didn’t have them when I asked.
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