The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. Hi ,
    Does anybody know how the prices are internationally? I am from Europe but considiring to buy a Dior diorama Clutch on vacation to Dubai . But is the price the same there does anybody know ?

    Thanx !
  2. So today I went to Sak and the SA showed me this beautiful Diorama in Blue ( navy maybe?)with silver hardware in size small. Is this color really rare? She told me she only had one from the previous season and couldn't really tell me more info so I need your help.
    Do you know what season they came out with this color?
    Is this seasonal?
    Does it come in medium size?

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  3. Large black Diorama in grained leather and champagne gold hardware...

  4. Yes, it comes in medium. I bought the medium two years ago. The medium with silver hardware was easily available then, I’m not certain about now because most Dioramas now come with gold hardware. IMO, if you like it, buy it regardless of how common/rare it is.
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  5. Not sure but it is so gorgeous
  6. My boyfriend's mom just bought a Diorama clutch (silver) in Paris for me! I live in the U.S. and the official price is $1750 before tax; after tax would be around $1,900. She purchased it in Paris for €1,340 and will get a VAT refund of €160, which means the total is €1,178. That's only $1,324 when converted.
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  7. Hi,
    Has anyone see this lambskin diorama in the US? I’ve seen these in Buyma sites, it’s lambskin and comes in blue, pink, black and amaranth color it seems. I wonder if these are only sold in Europe? Also, does anyone know if these particular styles come in small size? Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Exclusive edition for Chinese new year

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  9. I think it's from 2016. I got it the exact one 3 years back some time in August.

    Hope this helps!

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  10. Hi.. I saved almost 1000aed (dirhams) when I got my diorama clutch from Amsterdam instead of buying it from Dubai. Definitely Dior is cheaper in Europe as compared to Dubai. Hope that helps:smile:
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  11. Saw this today

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  12. Wow they have the new grained calfskin for the Diorama. Thanks for sharing!
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  13. I also saw this leather yesterday and I don't love it... feels like Hermes epsom to me...
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  14. Is this the “lavender” color AngelYuki got in MLD? My SA called this “violet” so I’m confused. It looks like pink to me in the pics. Is this purple in anyway? I’m thinking about diorama in this color but I recently bought alma bb epi in Rose Ballerine color so I’m afraid it’s too similar? So I’m also looking at another color that’s more like brick/brownish/tan beige. Any feedback from those who saw this in person is much appreciated since I don’t have dior store in my state. Thanks in advance!
  15. It looks rather like Epsom too. Not a fan if it’s a stamped grain, just too artificial feeling to me even if it is hard wearing. I love my grained calfskin Diorama as it’s really soft to the touch, yet still (so far anyway) quite structured. I hope this is in addition to rather than a replacement!
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