The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. Agree 100 percent. This was not soft, very rigid and felt stamped. I’m hoping it’s not a replacement as well!
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  2. I actually like this leather which resembles Hermes Epsom. It doesn't feel as nice as grained leathers like Fendi's Selleria or Dior's supple grained calfskin, but it is much nicer than Prada's Saffiano leather in my opinion. And being able to last for a long time is important for me, especially if it is a piece that I want to use often.
  3. Do you know how this leather compares to the older diorama grained calf skin leathers prior to 2017 (before the last supple grain leather was introduced)? I really like the current seasonal colors and close to ordering it (without being able to try it since no dior store in my state). But I’m not sure if the current leather is even more rigid than the pre-2017 version..
  4. This leather is sturdier than the old grained calfskin. It feels thicker. I have this grained calfskin in the Saddle cardholder and it is very impressive. It feels like the Epsom leather of my Hermes belts.
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  5. That’s so good to know. Thank you so much for sharing averagejoe!
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  6. I just got mine today! I bought it in Amsterdam, but the SA actually ordered it in from London. London had a few. You can actually check on the local website if they’re available in your store. For example, I searched Dior Netherlands, went on the website and on the item it only had like a “locate nearest store” button. But when I went on the UK website, underneath the item it mentioned “limited” which meant they had it but in limited numbers. If they have many it would be written as “available”. Good luck searching! Sorry for the late response!
  7. I FINALLY got it today! My SA kept it for me until I got back from my holidays.

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  8. I forgot to mention that it is in small! Where do you live btw? Which stores are the nearest to you? I can help you search for it just in case you get confused with all the searching.. but a good SA should be able to locate it for you and help you order it!
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  9. Its beautiful. I
  10. Congratulations! She is beautiful! I live in the United States and my SA told me that these are not available in the US unfortunately.. and the Dior website doesn’t deliver internationally due to customs etc. but Thanks so much for sharing! I enjoy your pics!
  11. You made the perfect choice! It’s gorgeous.
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  12. If there’s a way to get it are you still interested in buying it? Because it were up to me I would never give up the search hehe. I can ask my SA if you can buy it from this store and have him ship it to you if he can (probably with some shipping costs)
  13. Hello Everyone,

    I was wondering for those who have a Cannage pattern Diorama bag in patent leather or calf skin leather can share their experience in the wear and tare, and any anticipated quality issues? I'm planning to purchase a neutral colour cannage pattern diorama bag and it'll be my first designer bag purchase. I plan on using the bag as an casual going out purse on weekends. Would any of you mind sharing your experience, wear, quality, and longevity of the bag? Any concerns i should keep my eye for (e.g. easy to have water stains etc.)

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