The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2015
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    Has anyone seen the new Diorama in person. The salesperson said it is pre-order only and they don't have any models on display in the boutique. So I'm wondering about its details & leather & craftsmanship etc
  2. I haven't seen it either but I would just wait till it arrives before actually ordering one. Even if your boutique sells out of a particular style, you can always get them to track another one down for you, or go on a waiting list.

    I like the first one the most.
  3. I think saks receives them in february
  4. It's coming in 2 weeks time
  5. If you look through the threads there is already a lot of information available about the Diorama..

    The UK will only be initially stocking the bag at their Sloane St boutique, so the chances are it will be in very limited availability at launch. But as AverageJoe suggests, until you have seen and handled the bag you are better to wait.
    It comes in a variety of leathers and exotics including crocodile, snakeskin, Lambskin, grainy calf and box calf. The bags are hand made and the craftsmanship is excellent.
  6. This bag has grown on me. Can't wait to see it in person. ;)

  7. Check the pics in the "dior in the UK" thread were lovely Mooshooshoo has posted pics of the trunk show last night where the diorama was presented. It's indeed a stunning bag, lightweight, great leather choices etc. I just wish the chain would have been a couple of inches longer for us taller girls.
  8. Thank you!
  9. I don't stay on top of these things, and this is the first I've seen, but i LOVE the purse in the first picture! hmmm i have some thinking to do :graucho:
  10. the workmanship is lovely for the embroidery and crystals designs. My local store had a few pieces in store for preordering.

    I love those charms!

    My SA told me it will be the next classic hit. ;)

    I'm lusting over that Vogue #3 IT bag!
  11. I've seen it in person couple weeks back.. Compared to the Chanel Boy, its SO much lighter, the chain as well.. Which I find way better than a Boy and as for space, I recommend the large size, the smaller ones feels like it barely holds much lol.. Its coming in smooth leather, grained, crocodile, python, two toneand more :smile:
  12. The Dior website has been updated to include Diorama.

    Can't wait to see this bag in person.

  13. I can't seem to see this bag on the Dior website. Anybody else have this problem??
  14. Dior sent me a link via email. I haven't been on the forum for awhile, I can't recall the rules so I've sent you the link via email.;)