The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. Here’s a close up of the lock. It says Dior but very hard to see [​IMG]
  2. Oh my! This is the bag that I have been wanting for so long! Will you be able to share mod pics and pics of the interior?
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  3. Beautiful! I love it even more with the leather-inset lock!
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  4. Yes, I can. I’m out and about right now but will do so in a couple of days

    Definitely a nice touch.
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  5. Sorry for the delay and excuse the background and my pregnant self...[​IMG][​IMG]
    Honestly this bag is the best of everything...can fit everything you need without being too big.
  6. thank you so so much for taking the time to shot and post your photos. I have been eyeing this bag for the longest of time all the while searching for more info and pics. Most of the pics i've seen were a bit dated so I didn't know this bag still exists, i hardly see them on display in store. And I only get to visit Dior whenever I travel. So I truly appreciate your post here. Congratulations on your pregnancy and my best wishes to you!
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  7. Appreciate the kind words. The SA said very few boutiques still have them. Honestly couldn’t be happier. If you decide to get one, please post pics.
  8. I most certainly will. Cheers!
  9. Hiii everyone.. is it normal for d boutique to have a bag thats with a date code 0118 now; produced in Jan 2018, thats a yr ago
  10. If it hasn’t sold, then I would assume it sits in the boutique or in the stock room until it does. I bought a Chanel bag a while ago that was from over 4 or 5 seasons prior. If there’s nothing wrong with the bag, it doesn’t matter when it was made to me.
  11. I bought a bag last month with date code 0137. I don't have a problem with stores having old stock as long as it is in good condition. I rather brands try to sell the items than destroy them. Also, I've only just recently got into Dior and there's some past season pieces that I've been lusting over. It works in my favor :amuse:
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  12. How are you tying the scarf on your woc??
  13. I just loosely tie it on the chain strap. The ribbon can still move up and down on the strap. I heard the chain rubbing against the bag is a problem with the WOCs, so tying a mitzah can keep the chain from rubbing against the leather. :biggrin:
  14. My first Diorama and I [emoji173] her so much [emoji7] IMG_20190126_104637_294.jpg
  15. Yes! Glad that someone else experianced the chain issue. 5 years ago I would've found a fix for it but I can't be bothered now. Maybe there is something soft I can wrap the clasps with?