The Dior Diorama Thread

  1. Here’s a close up of the lock. It says Dior but very hard to see [​IMG]
  2. Oh my! This is the bag that I have been wanting for so long! Will you be able to share mod pics and pics of the interior?
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  3. Beautiful! I love it even more with the leather-inset lock!
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  4. Yes, I can. I’m out and about right now but will do so in a couple of days

    Definitely a nice touch.
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  5. Sorry for the delay and excuse the background and my pregnant self...[​IMG][​IMG]
    Honestly this bag is the best of everything...can fit everything you need without being too big.
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  6. thank you so so much for taking the time to shot and post your photos. I have been eyeing this bag for the longest of time all the while searching for more info and pics. Most of the pics i've seen were a bit dated so I didn't know this bag still exists, i hardly see them on display in store. And I only get to visit Dior whenever I travel. So I truly appreciate your post here. Congratulations on your pregnancy and my best wishes to you!
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  7. Appreciate the kind words. The SA said very few boutiques still have them. Honestly couldn’t be happier. If you decide to get one, please post pics.
  8. I most certainly will. Cheers!
  9. Hiii everyone.. is it normal for d boutique to have a bag thats with a date code 0118 now; produced in Jan 2018, thats a yr ago