The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. Thanks heaps [emoji4]yes it is Onyx [emoji4]
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  2. Love this colour!
  3. Still debating between onyx and gold for my first Diorama Woc [emoji7] Both are adorable, can't make up my mind! One day I'm sure gold will be the one, then I see such a gorgeous picture of yours and there goes my resolution [emoji23]
  4. I loved both gold and onyx but onyx seems to go well with my wardrobe [emoji4]

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  5. Has anyone tried a bow with a mitzah on a microcannage bag? I tried this instore and not sure if it looks funny


    Peach Colour does not go well.. i just wanted to try the look ..
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  6. B7631701-CB66-4122-B6E6-80E423122A98.jpeg
    Maybe not in that colour, but could look cute in a black & white or grey tone version. Something like this maybe?
  7. 7C6B4584-FEDB-47EC-8235-7EBDC7B8D3B8.jpeg
    Or this one?
  8. The Diorama und Boy Bag look very similar, especially the shape of the corners.
    Therefore I ask myself if there is any bag of these two more prone to corner wear? Both in calf skin.
  9. They would both be equally prone. Caviar leather may be more sturdy than Dior's more supple grained calfskin but at corners it still shows wear over time.
  10. Thank you! Ahh, why did they design these two wonderful bags with such corner shape :sad:
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  11. I know many asked about the grey diorama with silver hardware. Definitely check your boutique to see if they might have it. I purchased a grey woc with silver hardware today, so there might still be grey diorama with SHW available.

    Keep in mind the older version has the enamel and a snap button closure.

    Good luck!:smile:

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  12. I’m very late to the Diorama party and feel very lucky to still be able to find the satchel version. It’s absolutely perfect for me and this silver/ grey was a missing color in my collection IMG_0821.JPG

    Didn’t even realize how similar it is to my Chanel Beauty Lock until they were side by side but fits so much more due to the softer leather IMG_0812.JPG IMG_0811.JPG
  13. I just became of member of the club! So excited about this first Diorama. But now I want one in every color!

    Metallic Rose Gold Microcannage WOC with GHW

  14. There is some type of detailing on the metal around the crest lock. I haven't seen that before. It looks gorgeous!
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