The Dior Diorama Thread

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  1. Okay small Diroama is my next bag. Since I already have a black Chanel flap I want gray or dark blue.
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  2. Yay congrats on reaching a decision! Looking forward to seeing your new baby :smile:
  3. Me too! Thanks! I might wait until my next Europe trip as I’ve saved so much on other high dollar bags in the past. [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji18]
  4. So, not as many color choices for the small as the medium?
  5. Here’s my cobalt blue diorama! Love it a lot! IMG_2167.JPG IMG_2175.JPG
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  6. Hi everyone!

    I am new here to purseforum. I have a question as to which bag would you guys recommend for a Micro Cannage bag- dark blue, white or silver?

    Also, I would love to hear your comments/opinions of the wear of micro cannage bags.

    *pictures are not mine and credited to google/instagram

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  7. I will vote for Micro carnage because of its more durable & I have the 3rd one small in silver & I love it so much ![emoji4] The white one is gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for the reply! (: Ooh! Is it easy to match with your wardrobe? And how is the wear? Does it have colour transfer?
  9. I vote navy blue cuz you can easily wear the colour day or night. I have it in black woc and wear it all the time. Microcannage is very durable. Since it’s foil, i dont think you’d need to worry about colour transfer.
  10. I vote for the navy or silver. They're both very easy to wear and can be used during any season.
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  11. I wear dressy during the weekdays for work & I wear casual on the weekend ! But I use my sliver Diorama as everyday bag which match my silver flats or booties ![emoji4]
  12. I love the navy! Is this really more durable than the textured calf leather versions?
  13. ooh, it's navy or silver for me.

    Good luck!
  14. Hi, I got this small white Diorama but I'm not sure if I should keep it or get the medium instead. I don't carry much, just basic stuffs and for this decision, I only care about how the bag looks on me. So what do you guys think? Thanks a lot.

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