Diorama WOC vs Mini Diorama

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  1. Diorama WOC at £950, such a good price
    Mini Diorama at £1750😬😬

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  2. Generous compartment

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  3. Beautiful chain

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  4. Sturdy button

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  5. A very good small bag, really: in fact the only problem is trying to find the Diorama WOC :sad:

    I really, really wish they would put out a large Voyageur in the deep red calfskin; I know what a gorgeous colour it is from the Diorissimo clutch I bought, but getting it in the medium size doesn't work in practical terms. I keep repeating that to my self :smile:

    It's probably just as well there are so many things 'temporarily unavailable' on the Dior site; my bank manager would prefer it to stay that way :happydance:
  6. Oooooh I like! Is the size comparable to the Miss Dior Promenade? Is the interior all leather also?
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  7. Hello Smudleybear, quick question. How does the dior woc compare to the miss dior promenade in terms of the compartment? Which fits more in your opinion? Thanks alot
  8. Interior is fully leather lined. Miss Dior pouchette has bigger capacity.
  9. Miss Dior has bigger capacity

  10. Thank you
  11. Hi smudleybear

    Do you know if the diorama baby pouch is still available in boutiques? The super small one?