Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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    La Maison des Carres gavroche
    tools LaMaisondeCarres.jpg
    Les Amoureux de Paris gavroche (teeny tiny landmark buildings among the statues)
    Les Amoureux de Paris 4 tpf.jpg
    Escales Mediterrannees 90 (buildings in all those Mediterranean ports...I've been trying to identify them)
    Escales Mediterraneennes tpf.jpg
    Point d'Orgue for "drafting details" of an organ (details here:
    Point d'Orgue blue.jpg
    Orgauphone et Autre Mechaniques for outside structure of a pipe organ
    orgauphone-et-autre-mecaniques white.jpg
    and buildings behind the organ grinder (and his monkey!)
    Orgauphone Close_Up bldgs.jpg
    The city of Salzburg
    Salzburg detail.jpg

    The city of MASSALIA (now Marseilles) on Le Voyage de Pytheas (can you believe those wave details that shimmer in the silk!)
    Voyage de Pytheas Massalia.jpg
    Corners of Trophees de Venise with the Bridge of Sighs (with gondolas) and St Mark's Basilica (with pigeons)
    Trophees de Venise corners.jpg
    and set designs are another kind of building on the stage of the Comedie Italienne
    Comedie Italienne center set.jpg
    Whew! I think that does it for me this week...
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  2. Only one of my scarfs has buildings on it, la comedie italienne.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  3. Thank you bunnycat! Minuit is pretty tied on you, as always!
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  4. Swoooooning here , La Femme et Les Toits ...:love::love::love:

    :love::love::love: Thank heavens for emoticons , another one I'd love to bring into my life.

    Your wonderful collection is giving us such treasures Croisette ! I'm living in Cocagne myself , sigh!:loveeyes:
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  5. Those characters are brilliantly depicted, a lovely jacquard.
    Congrats on Tyger, I wonder why so many of us passed on such a beauty . Need to look!

    Great details ,such a cute scarf for Pairs lovers .

    Love Hermes .com it's so witty!
    Perfection on you , enjoy !
    Your Tygers found you Bobkat and you look so beautiful in those colours.
    Looking cool and cute at the same time!

    That's some collection you have, and I love the variety in it and the details for this theme are amazing.
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  6. I've just found an amazing article about colouration of Hermès scarves, a wealth of info about how colours are chosen, the techniques and the artistry behind the choices.
    Posted it on the Hermès reference thread, 'Hermès Scarf Colours', so please take a look!
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  7. Wings of Desire, if I could add a couple more Le Pegase ……..

    It's Copper today , skies are grey and I need a warm hue.
    wings of desire.jpg pegase.jpg
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  8. Thank you, bunnycat! A very fun scarf.
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  9. These are great, ABQ. I've always been intrigued by Les Amoureux and my eyes are terrible - are those the names of famous lovers from literature and/or real life? Can you possibly share some of them? Such a cool scarf.
  10. Merci, frou frou!!
  11. Thank you frou frou! So nice to have your own Cocagne!

  12. Le Pegase!!!! Totally gorgeous!!
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  13. Having some days off but the weather is bad means two things: Time to wear CSGMs and time to post some pictures.
    (Usually I just browse on my phone before going to sleep, so I just like because I am too much of a clutz to type on my phone in my bed...)
    csgm april snow anon.jpg .
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