Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. She looks amazing on you. The color looks great against your skin :heart:
  2. That's so sweet to hear ! I have hesitated with the marine/parme/mauve shade. So glad to have chosen this one.
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  3. Thank you! I think it sur the beginning of a great love story.
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  4. Here you go, Moma! The design of Les Amoureaux de Paris (designed in 1951 by Maurice Tranchant) depicts a map of Paris, complete with famous landmarks, and silhouettes of 23 sets of lovers (listed pretty much left to right, top to bottom). This is my list, so I apologize for any errors -- I learned a lot, though! (Google each couple for remarkable histories)
    1. Rodin – Rose (Bueret)
    2. Le Chateau de Verre (film) Michèle Morgan– Jean Marais* (actors)
    3. Louise – Julien* (opera “Louise”)
    4. Chopin – George Sand
    5. Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Sophie d’Houdetot
    6. Josephine – Bonaparte
    7. Moliere – Armande Béjart
    8. Lauzun – La Grande Mademoiselle (Antoine Nompar de Caumont, duc de Lauzun and Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of Montpensier)
    9. Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet
    10. Manon – Des Grieux* (novel Manon Lescaut, then opera Manon)
    11. Marguerite Gautier – Armand Duval* (novel La Dame aux Camélias)
    12. Henry IV – La Belle Gabrielle
    13. André Chénier – Aimée de Coigny
    14. Madame Recamier – Chateaubriand
    15. Mme. de Staël – Benjamin Constant
    16. Ninon de Lenclos – Villarceaux
    17. Villon – la Grosse Margot* (poem “Ballad of the Fat Margot”)
    18. Lamartine – Elvire* (poem “A Elvire”)
    19. Duchesse de Langeais – Armand de Montriveau* (novel “Scènes de la vie Parisienne” section of La Comédie Humaine)
    20. Julien Sorel – Mme. de Rênal* (novel Le Rouge et Le Noir)
    21. Balzac – Mme Deberny
    22. Héloïse – Abélard
    23. Mimi – Rodolphe* (opera La Bohème)
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  5. I love your colorway, momma! That magenta hem is stunning!
  6. Thank you, twin!
    Thank you, everybody!
    A little pick-me-up for spring, which hasn't actually arrived yet! LOL. It was freezing today.
    Thank you! They are really fun and very inexpensive. My daughter gave them to me when she was in 8th grade - quite a while ago!
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  7. Thank you. You need this!
    Thanks, ABQ - yes, the hem is amazing!!!
  8. The Tower of Babel in all its ornate glory
    Pink cw of Pegase
    With the festive scarf box which always reminds me of the gorgeous exceptionelle that had actual nailheads decorating the scarf.
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  9. Oh, you are amazing!!! Thank you! This is fabulous. (I *do* need this scarf - I think there's a gavroche!) I know about two thirds of these folks. Must investigate further. You know Andrea Chenier is also an (Italian) opera. Aimée becomes Maddalena!
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  10. Momma- I probably should have waited for this CW, but have the one in shades of blue.
    And bought 2 more moussies in the last2 days, so I think I am banned!
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  11. I think like nailheads used in leathercraft. I've never seen it IRL but, when I was clearing out a stack of Elle, I found a write-up of the exceptionelle edition in a sidebar. Found the same write-up here on purseblog:
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  12. This is gorgeous on you. What cw is it? They look so vibrant tied compared with the static thumbnail on
  13. Lovely colours on you!
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