Scarves Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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    (Continued from here.)

    2017 SCARF THEMES: Just for fun, each Sunday begins a new Theme Week. It’s a chance to learn more about specific designers, examine your scarves more carefully, discover new ways to tie them, and see more scarves than you might otherwise see. Even if it's off-theme, your SOTD (scarf of the day) is always welcome. We’re not the Scarf Police, so smile at your camera and join us!

    2017 Project: SCARF ON SITE: Photograph your Tyger Tyger or Zebras at the zoo, Mecanique Du Temps at the clock in Prague, nautical scarves at the beach, Les Becanes with a bike, Turandot at the opera, horse-themed scarves with horses, and so on. You can also match your scarf to colorful scenes around you like autumn leaves, spring flowers, a colorful wall or shop window. Post any time, and we'll finish the year with a collection of our best images!

    1 Jan 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR: scarves featuring parties, carnivals, celebrations
    8 Jan 2017 WINE TONES: scarves in shades from ROSÉ to BURGUNDY to CASSIS
    15 Jan 2017 GENDER BENDERS: Scarves from the H Men’s Collection (or “masculine” topics)
    22 Jan 2017 MY FAVORITE SCARF ARTIST: show and tell us who and why you love him/her!
    29 Jan 2017 (Chinese New Year 28 Jan) YEAR OF THE ROOSTER: scarves with roosters and other birds

    5 Feb 2017 NOT-SO-BURIED TREASURES: Scarves featuring JEWELLERY and COINS
    12 Feb 2017 SENTIMENTAL SCARVES: those you love for personal reasons (tell us why)
    26 Feb 2017 ARTIST: ALINE HONORÉ

    5 Mar 2017 Scarves featuring THEATER ARTS, MUSIC, or DANCE
    12 Mar 2017 EAU EAU: Scarves featuring Water, Fish, or Nautical themes
    19 Mar 2017 (Vernal Equinox March 20) CELESTIAL BODIES: SUN, MOON, STARS, and PLANETS
    26 Mar 2017 CALM AND COLLECTED: Show us your favorite NEUTRAL scarves in action

    2 Apr 2017 SURPRISE! Scarf details that AMAZE, AMUSE or ESPECIALLY APPEAL TO YOU
    9 Apr 2017 CONTRAST HEMS: pretty ways to tie and wear them
    23 Apr 2017 COLOR ME HAPPY: show us your brightest scarves
    30 Apr 2017 ARTIST: ANNIE FAIVRE

    7 May 2017 70 cm VINTAGE SILKS: “resting” away from the boutiques
    14 May 2017 [Mother’s Day] BABY ANIMALS (with or without their moms): chicks, kids, foals, cubs, calves, pups, nests of baby birds—awww!
    21 May 2017 TURQUOISE: scarves that feature all shades of blue-green, aqua to teal
    28 May 2017 TILE AND INLAY PATTERNS: designs made to look like pieces of stone or glass

    4 June 2017 WHITE SCARVES: a white background or lots-of-white design (cream is okay too)
    18 June 2017 SCARF and NECKLACE: show us how you combine them
    25 June 2017 CRITTERS and VARMINTS (rabbits, squirrels, snakes, frogs, small wild animals)

    2 July 2017 RED, WHITE, BLUE: scarves with elements of all three colors or worn with one of them
    9 July 2017 FARAWAY PLACES: scarves from continents a long way from your own
    16 July 2017 FIVE KEEPERS: The five scarves you couldn’t do without or that you wear the most
    23 July 2017 LITTLE SILKS: gavroches & twillys

    6 August 2017 MOUSSELINES, all sizes
    13 August 2017 ONE DESIGN, DIFFERENT COLORWAYS: show us how you wear each one
    20 August 2017 GREEN: all shades, tender spring to deep forest
    27 August 2017 CIRCLE UP: scarves featuring circles or a round design

    3 September 2017 HATS ON SCARVES: designs featuring all kinds of headgear
    10 September 2017 BOTANICALS: plants and flowers, in gardens or not
    17 September 2017 NAVY to BABY: sing those BLUES
    24 September 2017 HORSES: an enduring theme for Hermes

    1 October 2017 PINK: the traditional theme for breast cancer awareness month
    8 October 2017 FAMOUS PEOPLE or EVENTS: history on your scarf!
    15 October 2017 ROBERT DALLET and/or BIG CATS by other designers
    22 October 2017 FUN WITH SCARF RINGS: show us how you like to use them
    29 October 2017 ORANGE or BLACK scarves for Halloween

    5 November 2017 FANTASTIC CREATURES or PLACES: strange and wonderful
    12 November 2017 AUTUMN OR EARTHY COLORS
    19 November 2017 KERMIT OLIVER or FEATHER scarves in honor of KO’s big turkey
    26 November 2017 WHAT WAS I THINKING? The scarf you just don’t like to wear. (put it on for advice on whether to keep or re-home it)

    3 December 2017 PURPLE: all shades, lavender to eggplant
    10 December 2017 SOMETHING SPECIAL: jacquards, plisses, maxi twillys, cashmere 90s
    17 December 2017 SNOW AND ICE AND CHRISTMAS, TOO
    24 December 2017 H DOES H: HERMÈS designs and items on your scarf
    31 December 2017 SCARF ON SITE: a collection of your best travel pix with scarf to match, either with the subject or with surrounding colors
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    1 Jan 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR: scarves featuring parties, carnivals, celebrations

    Twenty-sixteen now has gone
    Another year’s come with the dawn,
    And now it’s twenty-seventeen
    And time to join the Silky scene.

    We’re glad to see you on our thread
    And hope you like to be well-read.
    We bring our selfies, love to dress,
    But don’t you worry – we’re no-stress.

    We come here to laugh and learn
    And talk of grails for which we yearn,
    But when the day or Theme week ends,
    The bottom line is that we’re friends!

    Les Fetes du Roy Soleil jacquard 90
    Les Fetes du Roy Soleil red jacquard.jpg
    Le Carnaval de Venise jacquard 90
    Le Carnaval de Venise tie.jpg
    Un Week-end dans L'espace 70 (their space helmets are drawn with silver overlay!)
    UnWeek-endDanL'espace 70.jpg
    Sur le Reves de Léman 70
    (a party by Lake Geneva by Jean-Louis Clerc, a master of gala scarves)
    Reves de Léman on turq.jpg
  3. Thank you for the beautiful introduction, @ABQ2ATL and the list of 2017 SOTD themes. The few ideas I had in mind are found in the list -- wonderful!

    This week, my Le Bal Masqué happily joins your party celebration scarves. I especially like the "belle in the H ballgown" with her fancy dancing slippers on. ;) Here's to a great year!
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  4. Didn't get the message about the thread closing. Wanted to congratulate @Croisette7 on that gorgeous red Turandot, which goes so nicely with blue. Love it!!!
  5. Abq thanks for all your work as scarf mistress! Think we need this thread on the top "sticky" area. (Need a moderator)
  6. Thank you so much, my dear moma!

    And also many thanks to Luvbolide and Elaine for the kind words!
  7. Thank you AB2; you have been an amazing scarf mistress and have such a magnificent collection! I like the idea of your best three (or five ) scarves. There used to be a cool theme week called the scarf or shawl you would want if marooned on an island. Also would love the modernist silk week.

    Thank you Cordy! Am enjoying this clutch, though I did find an awkward moment last night in the ladies restroom that did not have a shelf to place my only hooks and it was interesting to say the least.:eek:
  8. Greetings my dearest silky friends, and a very Happy New Year to you all!

    I'm sorry I've been away so long and I'm afraid I'll be away again for a while longer. Work is crazy! But I'm home for the New Year and just wanted to say hello and that I've followed you as best I can. So much beauty here the past several months.

    My darling boys overachieved for Christmas this year. Here is the first of my two new beauties, I hope you enjoy.

    Have a couple more things to show you before work once again takes over.

    Special thanks to abq, our delightful scarf mistress.

    So here we go! Christmas cadeau número un:

    IMG_1483371134.221524.jpg IMG_1483371148.305171.jpg

    Pegase d'Hermès
  9. Welcome back, dear Pirula! You have been missed! Love your new pink Pegase.
  10. Ohh, this is so pretty! I just missed out on snagging one in this same cw. I'm going to tell myself it went to you instead, it's rightful owner, because It makes me happy to think a dear tpfer is giving it the love it deserves!

    P.S. You've got some awesome boys with fantastic taste! I've gotta start training mine that way.
  11. Pirula:wave:
    Good to see you back here:yahoo:, you have been missed.
    I hope, work was not the only thing that kept you away but good things as well (I know, work can be fulfilling, but there is so much more to life) :drinks:
    Nice scarf BTW. As a blonde I could never wear that color, but it is terrific with your coloring.
  12. Thank you for setting out all these themes and for the intro poem. Really looking forward to trying to take part in 2017. By the way, yet another benefit of this thread is that I found a scarf hidden away in a box when trying to find a theme worthy contribution . Win!
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  13. YAY SHE'S BACK! And looking lovely as ever in her new Xmas gift!! What a great choice they made, my dear. XO
  14. Every day I wear an H scarf is a day of celebration for me! Unfortunately, I don't have any scarves that would fall under that theme. But I did have a pleasant surprise yesterday!

    A few months ago, I found a listing for a scarf at $80, which is pretty darn cheap for H! It was an older design and not exactly the perfect cw for me (pastels), but at $80 beggars can't be choosers... However, I couldn't find verification that this exact cw was produced by H, so I forgot about it. I thought, "It's probably fake."

    Fast forward to a couple of days ago. The scarf was still unsold, so I reached out to the seller. Maybe I'd go take a look at it. The nice lady who responded said yes, it's available and oh, I made a mistake on the listing, so if you want it for $1, you can have it for $1.

    Um, HECK YES. I figured even if it were fake, I'd use it as a study in fakery. The knowledge would be well worth a buck.

    She was an hour's drive away and so I packed up my kidlet and away we went. DH was safely ensconced at a football game, heh heh.

    I was fully prepared for a scarf I wouldn't wear (it's gotta be fake, right?) but when I opened it up, felt the fabric and looked at the tags, I found it to be authentic! It had a second Bergdorf Goodman tag on it, and I've never heard of fakers adding a department store tag before! (Right, guys?)

    It's in great condition, too! Plump hems, no fading or scent, no snags or pulls, just a tiny pinprick stain that I'll try to Laundress away. The silk is soft and drapey.

    So I drove home delighted with my find, enough so that DH asked why I was grinning so much. I told him about the scarf and he affectionately said, "Oh, you and your scarves!"

    So yes, here is my new-to-me scarf: Flora Graeca!

    I pulled out a few different tops to try it with. This is just over what I had on:
    How about pink?
    Not quite right... maybe go darker.
    Hmm, that's a little too dark. Wait, I know!
    Just right!
  15. Congrats on a windfall find!
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