Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. I know I am late but I fond another one: the hem that is contrast on two corners and blends in at the other ones:
    semi contrast hem.jpg

    Thank you for the classification, I like these posts!
    The only one I am missing and cannot provide an image for: a scarf where each side has a different hem color (there was one last season, but I am not sure which one it was)
  2. Today wearing the architectural Bain d'H, with illusion bracelet IMG_1492782418.860738.jpg
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  3. Love with your fab hair moma!
  4. OMG, this looks fab on you!
    I did try it, but as much as I liked the pattern and the fabric, it did not look as good on me when tied...
  5. Thank you frou frou!!!

    Oh= those colors frou frou!!!! Amazing!

    Beauitful HoneyLocks!

    Oh moma- that is fabulous on you!

    THank you Croisette!!!
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  6. Fantastic all together moma! Do I spy some purple hair locks?
  8. These are soooo beautiful - enjoy wearing them :smile:
  9. What absolutely lovely colours on you :smile:
  10. IMG_6082.JPG

    My first post here with my lovely Jardin de la Maharani, my very first carré !
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  11. Love this on you! The earrings are a great complement
  12. So chic on you, QueenieQ! Congratulation!
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  13. Thank you
  14. Love this on you!
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  15. Beautiful scarf! Looks perfect on you- congrats on your first scarf!
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