Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Thank you! That helped a lot! [emoji4]
  2. So for those of you who own or have owned this bag, is there a "pull" on the flap where it snaps to the pocket when you're carrying it? I like this bag but noticed the "pull" when I saw a woman carrying this bag at the airport.
  3. There is if the bag isn't well balanced with something heavy (like water bottle) or just has something heavy in general. I have the large size and use it to carry my laptop sometimes and it definitely pulls then. It doesn't when I have just my daily essentials.

    Having said that, it's a great bag. I always get compliments on it, even recently at my local Hermes where my sa admired it and said that the style is "so very you!". Lol not sure what that means.
  4. Thanks so much for your reply - very helpful. I love the look of the bag and think it could be very "me" too ;)
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  5. It does pull, but it doesn't bother me and I don't think it takes away from the look of the bag, since it's slouchy and casual. If it were more structured and did that I think it would look funny.
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  6. If I over load my bag I do notice it. If you carry what fits comfortably in it, I doesn’t pull. Either way I really love the bag!
  7. IMG_2480.JPG

    I got my black/black Niki bag earlier this week and love it. Such a fun blend- like a Chanel flap (which was always too formal for me) and an edgy Bal. I find it to be so light and spacious!
  8. Saw some new additions to the Nikis today on Saks’ and Neiman Marcus’ websites. Wallet on chain, a zip pouch, and new tote design.
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  9. Very pretty! Congrats on your purchase.
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  10. Congratulations! I have this exact one too! It looks great on you. I agree, it is less formal and lighter than my Chanel Jumbo. Totally reminds me of my Bals -the older leather-which is probably why I got it:smile:
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  11. I saw those too! I love the wallet on chain--I'll probably pick that up this fall. :biggrin:
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  12. Does the Niki hold its shape when you set it down or does it “puddle”?
  13. Supermodel Kate Moss wearing the YSL Saint Laurent Niki Bag in Baby size.

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  14. I caved and bought the Niki medium, and I do love it. The flap/pocket pull is minimal, and I'm using it as an opportunity to get over my OCD. The bag is fantastic!
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  15. Congratulations! Please share pics. The Niki is the best everyday bag. I love the whole ‘cool chic’ vibe about the bag. I really want the bag too!
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