Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Hi all,
    Awaiting delivery of Navy Niki from MyT (10% off with applove code). Does anyone have photos or links to how to wear it briefcase style for the day? Will wear long strap at night. Thank you all, have a great Easter
  2. I'm in with my Niki:happydance:

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  3. #528 Apr 28, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
    D2FE9DF6-AA54-4F78-AE6D-5DBE9BF1BE7C.jpeg D758CA4B-E86F-46D7-824B-4ACAD817CCDF.jpeg

    Hi all,

    I’m sooooo soooo in love with this bag and planning to buy 1 soon. But I can’t decide since the store here don’t have the baby size (which I prefer at first).
    Can anyone post pics while wearing the baby Niki?

    I went to the Laurent boutique here to only to try the medium size.
    I like this size too but some thoughts that i might look too big and too long for my posture.
    But I dont have any clue how the baby size would fitt me. I’m afraid it might look to small...

    What do you think? Cant decide between the med and baby..I’ll post some pics here while wearing the med size...
    Please if anyone has pics with the baby size

    THANK you so much
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  4. Congratulations !
    May I know what size it is? Is it the baby size?
  5. Thanks it's the medium size
  6. I think the medium size would be a good shoulder bag. Get the baby if you will wear it crossbody.
  7. Hi i just bought a Niki bag. I noticed that the Y, the right side of the upper Y is longer compared to the left side. Is this normal or a defect or maybe a fake Niki? Please help so desperate abt this. Thanks a lot...

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  8. Joining the club. Been using my medium niki for 2 days and I have been in LOVE with it

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  9. Beautiful! Love the Niki with black hardware! We are bag twins :flowers:
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  10. Black on black is my fave for this bag!
  11. Got the pink in Medium and absolutely love it!!

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  12. You really need to post in an authentication thread, as only authenticators are allowed to comment on authentication. Good luck!
  13. Lovely! Is this colour true to life? It looks different in different pics.
  14. So beautiful and the black on black looks so amazing!
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  15. I feel like inside it looks more fuschia but in sunlight or really bright light it appears more shocking pink. Hope that helps! It's a gorgeous color.
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