Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. Saw this only now. My balenciaga never hurt my shoulder. And the classic is not heavy. I went to a YSL store to try the niki, and it seems to be lightweight as well although it has a chain.
  2. Hi all,

    I just bought a YSL Niki baby bag in vintage black leather off a resale site. I’m second guessing authenticity. If you have one, what is the serial # inside of the bag on yours? The one I just purchased is shown in the photo I posted. Help give me piece of mind please! ❤️

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    Hope this helps!
  4. Thank you!! I can’t quite see the serial # on yours, but is it the same as the one on the photos I posted of the Niki bag? I’m always so suspicious buying on resale apps.
  5. It looks very similar!! I’m no expert but it looks good to me.. did u buy it pre loved or off a reputable site?
  6. PM’d u..
  7. Mine (from MyTheresa) had the same problem. So odd!

    Browsing this thread as love the bag but unsure whether to keep it (I'm a sucker for nice bags and then I regret as have too many/they're not functional/changed my mind lol).
  8. We are bag twin!
  9. Right?! Although I've read further back here and quite a few people seemed to have the glue issue. I'm just glad it rubbed right off.

    Honestly, I know exactly how you feel. But I've been using it every day for work and it's grown on me. My mum has a lot of opinions on my bag collection (:lol:) but she said the Niki was her favourite one to date, so that sealed the deal for me!
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  10. I can tell it might be a good bag for me as it's light and can contain the rather extended essentials including my large headphones. The alternative was supposed to be a large Chloe Tess but after reading the reviews I'm not convinced it will be a good bag (waiting for the parcel though) so Niki very likely to stay :biggrin:
  11. Did you get the large? Honestly it fits quite a bit, which is a major plus! It's definitely light, and looks less rigid compared to the Tess which = potential to fit even more things :biggrin:
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  12. Actually got the medium as have Chloe Faye day (the biggest) and no point in duplicating the size. Tess turned up today scratched lol so we all know what the verdict is :biggrin::nuts:
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  13. Hi all! I’m jumping into buying the Niki bag in baby size. I have the size down pat. It’s the color that I’m not decided on! [emoji51] I’m deciding between black and nude. Can you please share your thoughts on which color? I have a pretty “laid back” life. Gym and work in the morning and do bank transactions & other errands mostly in the afternoons I live in a tropical country (if that helps)
  14. I bought Niki medium in black in boutique last year and took it back the next day cos there was a bit of glue residues on the front. The staff couldn’t clean it off so replaced a new one. It’s holding well so far however I find there’s one con which I don’t like. That is the front flap is distorted and pulled upward near the magnetic closure when the bag is filled with just the essential daily items. Other than that I’ve been using quite a lot as everyday bag cos the ysl logo is in black hardware so not obvious designer bag and the chain of strap is matte silver hw which I particularly like the combination.
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  15. Hi,

    I just bought an off white Niki. Wondering if anyone spray protectant on Niki to prevent colour transfer? If yes, what brand do you use?