Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag

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  1. I can’t believe I started this thread.:nuts: Finally joining the club with my new Medium Niki bag. :smile: The Niki looks really cool with almost any outfit. :flowers: I wanted black tulip colour but impossible to find. The black is classic so can’t go wrong. :smile:

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  2. Gorgeous bag ! I’m hoping to get the same bag soon...on a reservation list at Nordstrom (Black is currently sold out). I love the simplicity of the bag & the relaxed structure. It’s hard to find a less structured bag on the market currently! Congratulations on such a beautiful bag .
  3. Thank you. :flowers: I feel very ‘Kate Moss’ when carrying it haha. It is relaxed but still holds its shape when worn and the leather is not as slouchy as say a Balenciaga City Bag. Somebody on this thread described the vibe of this bag a cross between a Balenciaga City & Chanel Flap, I agree. Try it on, if you love it you should definitely get it when it becomes available in your store again. :smile:
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  4. Has anyone seen this new version of the Saint Laurent YSL Niki Bag?

    It is in the same vintage leather as the original but without chevron quilting. I personally think it looks amazing and the leather looks so chewy and delicious lol.

    It’s apparently available in Neiman Marcus.

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  5. Does anyone own the Niki in patent leather? How does the patent hold up? Is it too dressy? I want this for an everyday bag and I am mostly casual. My wardrobe usually consists of jeans, t-shirt, blazer, and heels. I want a Niki bag, but not sure if I should get the regular calf or patent. Love the look of both.
  6. Yes, I looked at that bag on Tuesday at Neiman's. The leather is superb.
    It is, indeed gorgeous, but I wanted the Niki with the black chains, so I went ahead and bought the Niki with the chevron quilting.
    It just "spoke" to me!!!
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  7. Bought the baby niki in storm today. Love how light and big it is! Great size to wear while running after kids or for dinner with friends.
  8. Any Niki owners have an update on the wear and tear of this kind of leather?
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  9. Are you talking about the patent croc? With your style both the regular calf and patent would go really well. Patent is usually very durable and easy to maintain. Think about which one you are really attracted to and can see yourself wearing everyday with your wardrobe. If your style is simple the patent may give it a stylish boost. :smile:
  10. Hi ladies,
    I am new member here. I've always loved bags like since ever but I could never afford one. My first designer bag was a Burberry bucket bag that I bought 2 years ago and after a Proenza Shouler PS11 which was the most expensive I've paid on a bag. But then I saw the Niki bag and couldn't stop thinking about it. I could never justify paying this price on a bag even knowing that I can pay for it but I pulled the trigger and bought it anyway. we only live once, right? (i've bought a black medium Niki) Sometimes I think I getting crazy. My husband cannot even imagine the price I paid. I will have to create some sort of a lie or something. I thought about saying that it's a replica lol, I might get away with it. I am curious to know if someone here ever had to lie about the price of a handbag to you other half or family.
    can't wait to receive my Niki bag. bought it on Monday and they still haven't shipped :sad:
  11. Ahhh please share pics. I have not seen the so black Niki in real life. You’re so lucky to have the black chain hardware, it’s so chic! Yes always buy what calls your name! :smile:
  12. Congratulations! The Baby Niki is such a nice size for essentials. The Storm grey colour is my favourite grey, I am really considering buying another Niki in storm grey :biggrin:
  13. I'm a long time lurker here but decided to show off my Large Niki. I bought it last year and LOVE it to death!
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  14. Love the combo! I adore the Large Niki bag. I wish I bought it myself as it’s such a great everyday bag and looks super chic. May I ask how tall you are and do you ever find it too big or too heavy? :smile:
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  15. I'm 5'5 and I don't find it too big or heavy at all. I actually wish it was a teensy bit bigger. I commute by train & subway so I'm used to carrying totes with a bunch of stuff in it. With the large Niki I've had to pare down how much stuff I was carrying so now it's just the essentials.

    About a month ago the magnetic lock popped off so I had to take it in for repairs. I took it to one of my local malls (Short Hills, NJ) and they repaired it with no problems and really quick too. I think I was without Niki for about a week. If anyone is in the tri-state area and go the the Saint Laurent store at the Short Hills mall looks for David. He was the nicest rep I've ever had to deal with.