Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. It's gorgeous; so classy! I'm glad I went for the baby SDJ though, knowing my arm/ shoulders get tired easily!!
  2. Great idea! Hopefully more people can post bags that are a few years old in addition to new ones. Your bag is gorgeous and in such great shape! I got the smooth leather and it's squishier than its debut. The suede interior is so heavy, but I wouldn't trade it for a newer version, it just feels so luxurious.
  3. The new version is even more luxurious with leather lining imho though... and I think they had a price drop recently for the classic model (in Singapore)?

    Around the time when I was planning to buy mine (mid-2017), the classic model costed SG$4200. A few days ago I went to the boutique to browse through the new bags... the SA told me that the price for the classic model (black smooth leather with leather lining) now comes at SG$3990. And the changed the D-ring for the shoulder strap to a bigger and thicker one, which the zipper pull for the middle compartment was changed from the squarish version to a D-ring version so it doesn't get stuck.

    The squarish version looks classier though, but yeh I am so frustrated because the zipper pull always get stuck so my middle compartment isn't utilised much.
  4. Hi fellow Singaporean!! Just bring it to the boutique with all the cards and tags, and preferably your receipt. The SA will advice you on whether they can do anything to the bag (an exchange is pretty unlikely but you never try you never know, Mulberry gave me a new bag after I sent mine in for repair so I don't know if YSL will do the same).
  5. Suede is leather, and it's softer so when you reach into the bag, it feels more pleasant, but we can always agree to disagree.

    I haven't seen the new zipper pulls yet, I'll check it out next time. Sorry to hear your zipper pull gets stuck, I have not experienced that issue.
  6. I got my baby sac de jour shipped home today from neiman Marcus. I do not see the middle snap pouch that came with it. Does baby sac de jour no longer made without a snapped pouch or neiman Marcus gave send me a bag missing the item?
  7. All of mine came with the pouch, and I just purchased another yesterday from the boutique that similarly had one. I believe the only ones that don't have the pouch are those that zip at the top.
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    Thanks for the info. I did my research and it seems the bag I brought date back from 2016. The baby didn’t have the pouch :smile: I got a a very good deal! So I am not complaining. Just curious about why my bag doesn’t have a pouch vs other bags on that has the central pouch in newer models. Correct me if I am wrong. This is my first sac de jour bag and I fell in love with the bright yellow color.
  9. I saw that one in the sale section last week....glad someone here got it! Mine are more recent, so not sure of older models. I actually always remove the pouch as I find it limiting and prefer to organize my items by other means.

    In any event, enjoy!
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  10. I bought mine in January 2017 and doesn't come with a pouch too. Probably a 2016 or older model too!
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  11. The Baby SDJ didn't get a middle pouch recently, check when your bag was made. It could be that Neiman Marcus sold a bag pre-2017.
  12. Hi! It’s stunning! I’m thinking about purchasing the exact same colour and leather. How is it? I’m worried about scratches, colour transfer (I would wear it crossbody and I wear a lot of jeans) and how it holds shape.
  13. I asked that question yesterday in the store and the SA told me it’s easy to scratch but it’s ok for rainy days. I don’T know how true is it, bit that’s what he said
  14. I really like the baby size! It’s not too big or too small. Perfect size for me. I am 5ft and the should strap is adjustable. I love my bag!
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  15. Adding another small, this time a croc souple in wood nubuck (a great deal at 60% off courtesy of the Farfetch private sale).
    A nice middle of the road color to compliment my smalls in desert storm and black.

    I also finally got a nano (souple black) during the sale that I'll likely post in a few days.