Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. The bag in the pic you quoted is not a souple, but some of the others I posted are, and I actually prefer the souples to the classics (due to the strap placement and more relaxed look).

    But, I haven't had any issues with any of mine and they look as great as the day I bought them. The small sizes in particular do more heavy lifting as I generally carry my laptop when using those. I think the accordian cinches provide sufficient coverage....i could only see something falling out if the bag tipped over (which is not really a realistic occurence for me).

    IMO, the perfect combo is the croc souple in any size....relaxed yet structured.
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  2. Thanks so much, do you happen to have any experience of the nano or baby in souple please?
  3. I'm a fan of the baby sized more - it is not too big and can fit all my essentials! (plus the trend is going for smaller bags).

    Speak to a SA about exchanging the bag! If you're from Toronto, the SA hanging around Sak's Saint Laurent storefront are usually quite knowledgeable.
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  4. I don't know what possessed me to buy a Sac De Jour. This bag was never on my radar until I walked into a Reebonz store on Christmas Eve - I immediately walked straight to this bag, it was as though it called out to me. I'd never felt anything like it lol.

    This one is a croc-embossed baby Sac Du Jour in deep green, with silver hardware. It is astonishingly light for something so structured, and a breeze to match with anything in my wardrobe. Quality is fantastic. I'm 4'9 and it is absolutely the perfect everyday size. I'm not a fan of straps but I didn't think the strap was too long on me at all. :smile: The strap was hard to adjust at first but I used a little leather honey to ease it a little. Maybe I'll post pics wearing it in a bit.

    image1 (1).jpeg
    image5.jpeg image6.jpeg

    Looks black in different lighting, which I love.


    I think it's super roomy. I do remove the pouch inside to make space for my umbrella.


    This is definitely not going to be my last SDJ. I love it! I'm looking at the Small souple next. :smile:
  5. I bought a large black Sac de Jour a few years ago. I wanted it so badly at the time but now I really wish I'd returned it. I used it for about two months, max, then put it in the wardrobe, purely because it weighs a ton and drove me crazy. It looked fabulous but I found it so inconvenient to carry. There's also no give in the structured shape (as you'd expect), which I found awkward. It was mainly the weight though, and entirely my fault for letting my heart rule my head. I now have a large Niki for when I carry my laptop, and I need to get around to selling the Sac du Jour, as it deserves to be used and loved. Beautiful bag.
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  6. Hi

    I am looking to get the beautiful sac de jour and am stuck between the baby and small size
    I would like to use the bag for weekends, shopping trips and travel. I like the idea of being able to take my iPad, which pushes me towards the small but worry it may be too big\ less wearable for everyday? I guess I could always put it in a bigger bag if I travel and need it with me? But then wonder if baby is restrictive in size?

    Do any of you have either, and are happy to give your thoughts please? I’ve tried searching YouTube reviews but am going around in circles! Am I also right in thinking the strap on the small is non adjustable? If so do people find it about right?

    Thank you:smile:
  7. I have the baby size and it's the perfect size for your essentials without looking like a work tote but if you need to fit a iPad, the baby will not work. I like big bags a lot but for this one I prefer the baby. Are you able to try them both on?
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  8. AHH SHE IS GORGEOUS..LOVE LOVE.congrats.I want the beige/tan one in croc mainly cz it will hold the shape.Is it heavy?
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  9. Congratulations on scoring a lovely bag! [emoji4]

  10. I don't find it heavy at all! It's really light for a croc-embossed leather bag imo. Quite possibly because it's baby sized.
    Thank you lovely :smile:
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    I need some help to decide if I should keep my lastest SDJ purchase...

    I managed to get the SDJ supple in Marble pink in the nano for 30% off the full price. I have always wanted to get a nano SDJ in black/grey but couldn’t justify the price increase every year.

    I thought the 30% off was a good deal, although it is not in the colour that I have always wanted. I received it last week and I actually don’t mind the baby pink, it’s actually quite nice in real life. However, I always wear dark cloths, dark handbags, and I’m not sure if a pink bag will suit me/goes well with my wardrobe. The thing that I worry the most is colour transfer and darkening of the handles. Has anyone experience colour transfer on their light coloured SDJ? Does leather creams protect it to prevent colour transfer? I have around 14 days to return it... should I kept it or not?

    Many thanks!

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  12. I have this exact colour in the baby size and I have no issues with colour transfer. I spray the bag with carbon pro every few months and I treat my dark denims from new and bag is as good as new.
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  13. Sounds like this pink bag would be a great addition to your collection. You can try what @BlueCherry suggested to keep it pristine. Also, just be sure to have clean hands when you hold the handles and they shouldn't darken.
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  14. It seems like Collonil products are great for leather handbags! But do you see it as a summer bag rather than a all-season bag as it is in such a light colour?
  15. It's hard for me to keep my hands clean as I like touching things and they are not dry... I hope a leather spray can keep the handles clean too.
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