Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. Thanks for the clarification! I had noticed that there wasn’t any feet, the strap placement was different, and the studs by the handle too. I just wish it was labeled as souple.

  2. From someone who loves the souple, just some things to think about. The nano souple is easier to get your things in and out of. The strap is a bit wider which makes it more comfortable crossbody and for me most importantly is the position of the strap. It is not placed diagonally across the bag like the structured version. The structured moves around when I walk and the souple strap is hooked directly opposite each other keeping the bag still as I walk. I also don’t like the metal feet on the bottom. It scratches surfaces and the noise bothers me when I place it down. Minor, I know. The souple has extra leather protectors on the bottom instead of metal feet. These are just personal preferences that I discovered after purchasing. I now own only the baby and love it. Get the one you prefer. Not sure I mentioned the beautiful feel of the leather on the souple. All are beautiful. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I do worry when I use my nano sac de jour in Paris because there are no zips. If you like the look of sac de jour, and want security, I think the sac de jour duffle does a good job marrying the best of both worlds :smile:
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  4. Thanks, I saw SDJ duffle on sale during “les soldes d’hiver” but didn’t pay attention to this model at that time, yike!
  5. I'm a taller gal and I'd like to get the "small" sac de jour but I'm annoyed the long strap cannot be worn crossbody. At first I loved the baby version for that reason but I went to try it on with a friend and she thought the small looked better on me.

    My question- has anyone ever bought a different strap to hook on their sac de jour? I actually tried on the small sac de jour and clipped on the strap from the baby sac de jour... wish they’d sell me the strap separately (here’s a pic of me trying on small SDJ with the baby SDJ strap)

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  6. I’ve taken my baby SDJ on the train and subway in NYC many times and was never concerned. Mine is also the old style where it’s just one open space and no zipper pockets.
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  7. I got the large structured men's Sac de Jour and I live in Toronto so I don't have the same problem with pickpockets, but I can't imagine it being very easy to steal from even though the top is open. I have a hard time getting into the bag myself. I don't want to undo the snap closures but it makes it very difficult to get anything from my bag. I can drop a wallet in but it's difficult to fish out without having to drag the handles open, which minimally makes the opening wider.

    You can always store valuables in the zippered pouch inside. That pouch cannot be stolen easily as it is snapped in, and the zipper provides extra protection against thieves.

    I also have the Sac de Jour men's 48hr duffle and that bag has a zipper all the way across the top. It may be better against thieves, as mentioned by @coolmelondew . It comes in a few sizes including a rather small one that works perfectly as a purse. It depends on if you prefer the structured version over the supple version, since the duffle only comes in the supple version. I am not a big fan of the supple version of the original Sac de Jour, but I love the supple duffle because I find the unstructured leather works beautifully for that design (it is meant to be a duffle bag after all).
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  8. It looks great on you and I think the baby size would look just as great. Don’t you think the small would be too heavy when worn crossbody? You can get many amazing leather straps online these days for very cheap, it doesn’t have to be a Saint Laurent strap. :smile:
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  9. Thank you :smile:
    I thought the small might be heavy crossbody... so torn about this.
    Here’s a picture of me with the baby SDJ. Looks ok like this but it looked weird wearing it on my arm. Not sure what to do.

    Small or baby?

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  10. I loooooooove the baby on you!!!! How tall are you?
  11. Thank you!
    I’m 5’10 and a bit chunky so that’s why I had been convinced I would go for the small but now I’m thinking about getting the baby!
  12. I like the baby SDJ on you!
  13. Definitely the baby SDJ.
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  14. Personally I love the Baby size on you. It doesn’t look too small. It fits heaps and will be more comfortable to wear all day. :smile:
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  15. Thanks for your sharing!! Security is the biggest downside of this bag!
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