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  1. Hello to all SDJ lovers.

    I've been thinking about buying SDJ for a while now. Today I tried it for the first time at a boutique and I fell in love with a small supple version with croc embossing, but matte (suede? I don't really know). I can see some supple croc versions online, but they look more shiny in the pictures. Do you know how is this version / color officially called? Is it in a permanent offer or some kind of limited version? I wanted to check prices online, but I forgot to ask a SA for more details.

  2. I have this in the wood (brown) color. Can't tell from your pic if that's what you're wearing or the black.

    In any event, these links to the item should give you more details
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  3. Thanks! The one I'm wearing is black, but looks a little faded (which I love). The color, matte look and brushed hardware make it look more casual and "cool". I'm really tempted to buy it tomorrow, just one day after seeing the bag for the first time IRL, which is not very responsible and well thought-out.

    How does the material wear? Doesn't it get shiny and rubbed-off from touching your body? I don't have much experience with suede bags, but I have this problem with suede shoes.
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  4. I got mine about 4 months ago during the winter sales, and it still looks the same as when I bought it. I consider this more of a nubuck than a typical suede (I didn't even count it among my suede bags in another post, LOL), it will behave slightly differently. I suppose it would only get shiny from rubbing if you had something oily on your skin, but that would happen with any material.

    I'm a broken record, but I spray all my non-velvet bags with Collonil carbon pro and haven't had any issues.
  5. Thank you so much, it's nice to know someone's experience when making such rather big purchase. This would be my most expensive bag to date.

    I just stalked your activity in this thread :angel: to check what deal you got on your bag and WOW 60% off. Now I feel so lame being ready to buy it at almost full price. But realistically, I don't think I will be able to get a good deal on a specific black classic bag not being a VIP at any online store. If I get it (I probably will), I will definitely use protective spray.
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  6. I am recently revisiting the small SDJ as an everyday "mom" bag. I had looked at them years ago, I've always loved the style and how polished and simple it looks. I did notice that they have changed the design slightly on the structured ones. The grained leather one no longer has a cloth lined interior and seems much lighter than they used to be. The way the shoulder strap attached is different as well. it's closer together near the handles now. Has anyone mentioned this?

    how does the grained structured version break in over time -( its a smaller grain)? I'd like it to break in a little but not get as damaged as the smooth version.

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  7. Hi! I'm interested in this SDJ but in the Eros Red and nano size. Now that you've had it for a few months, how has it held up? Is it still as light as you thought it was when you first bought it? Anything you now hate about it? I'm also curious to know if these colors are seasonal or more permanent and will be around for some time (if you are aware)?

  8. Does anyone have any real life pictures of the Dark Turquoise Grained Baby Sac De Jour? I have fallen in love with it and want to see real pictures before I take the plunge. Thanks in advance!
  9. Does anyone have modeling pics of the baby Sac De Jour? I am 5'8 and am afraid that the baby is too small for my frame, but I don't really need all that much space
  10. These are old pics so apologies to the devoted followers of this thread, but I hope these help!

    This is me with the nano, baby, and small (I think lol). The second pic is of me with the baby and the small. I'm 5'6" for reference! For my own needs, I like the baby size the most!

    Attached Files:

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  11. I know I'm 4 months late to replying but I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice. Everyone on TPF is just so friendly and helpful!

    Saks exchanged the small for the baby size without any issues. I couldn't imagine carrying anything heavier now that I've used my SDJ for ~4 months so I'm glad I listened to you guys. I probably carry this bag at least 3 times a week, so it has definitely been one of my best luxury purchases to date. :smile:
  12. I don't think the baby would be small for your height. If you don't need much space, I think purchasing the small could end up leaving you using the bag less. The strap is also adjustable so you can make it a bit longer to suit your height... I'd definitely go with the baby size over the small. :yes:
  13. Does anyone have the Carry-All version? I wonder if it's big as the mens version.
    I'm really looking forward in buying one, but the mens version it's really big for me.
    I'm 5.5, went to the boutique but they didn't have all the sizes there so i'm kinda lost about which one would look great on me. Any tips?
  14. I have a carry-all version and a small size as well. I’m about your height too. I have the smooth leatherI carry-all and it can get heavy, that my only complaint about it but the grained leather should be lighter.let me know if you want a pic.
  15. Would you mind if you take some mod shots with the carry all? :smile: and does it come with a strap? thank you so much!

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