Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. What is everyone's opinions on the new Sac De Jour bag, many magazines, bloggers are writing about how similar it is to the Hermes Birkin but a cheaper option...

    I don't think it will ever come near a Birkin, but it is a nice bag I have to say I do like it...
    SL Bag.jpg SL Bag 2.jpg sl 3.jpg
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  2. It is a little birkin-esque, but its also very much like the prada saffiano luxe tote. I like the bag, it looks like a good bag for both a working woman as well as a lady who lunches
  3. It's too much Birkin wanna be.
  4. Anyone know the type of leather used on this bag. Is it similar to the leather on the soft Cabas, which has a tendency to lose its shape and a bit more prone to scratches.

    I'm considering getting this bag, but I'm unsure of the leather.
  5. it looks to have a rigid construction, different to the cabas, so it shouldn't lose its shape in the same way
  6. thanks for the reply. Do you think it would be prone to scratches, as I'm not really into babying my bags.
  7. no idea sorry
  8. I love the bag...and for me..the bag does look like a Birkin but that is what everyone said about the Mulberry Basywater when it came out.
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  9. If anyone has it, please posts pics and do a review.:greengrin:
  10. This one is ok compared to the rest of Hedi's creations to date. It actually has two (!) details which prevent it from being super boring: the side pleats and the adjustable tabs.

    Reading this thread made me appreciate the Hermes Birkin more. I hope to get it one day (the Birkin, that is, not the Slimkin).
  11. It seems like the new design cabas chyc leather to me. If it is, then it is pretty delicate. you need to protect it with product. I recently tried SKUFF on mine and i feel so much more at ease with it not. Its a good option if you don't want to baby your bags
  12. Where did you get SKUFF and does it make the leather shiny?
  13. Bothered by the side seams and the bag in person is very under-whelming and heavy. Saint Laurent accessories and bag design team needs to step it up.
  14. It's an unfinished/deconstructed Birkin, I like that about it, it just needs to come in a smaller size.