Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. No not at all :smile:

    First off I don’t really follow rules on summer v winter colours, I tend to just wear and carry what I like. Although I don’t wear too much black on a really warm sunny day.

    But this pink is such a cool toned grey-pink that I think looks great with black and charcoal and navy. I carry mine with an all black or a monochrome outfit and pink trainers the same colour. Or I’ll wear jeans and a white top and throw on a scarf/mitzah the same colour.
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  2. Ok perhaps spray the handles a little more often and wipe them wipe down each time you carry it with some non alcohol baby wipes to remove the days residue....
  3. I do agree with you that it's more of a cool toned pink rather than a baby pink. I think it's down to the fact that I do not have any accessories with a pop of colour, so I am not comfortable with this one. But I guess it's time for me to come out of my comfort zone! You are making me want to keep this bag! haha Also, thank you for your advice about the handles. x
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  4. I have a white SDJ but it’s smooth leather. I’ve had no issues with color transfer whatsoever. It looks as good as the day I got it. This pink would be a great pop of color to a dark or really any outfit. It looks like a keeper to me.

    P.S. baby wipes have become my handbags best friend.
  5. It's good to know that a lot of you with light coloured SDJ don't have issues with colour transfer, really reassuring! I will go and get some baby wipes and a protection spray right now. I found that this colour goes really well with a grey top, and starting to see how I can match this bag with my outfits. Thank you everyone for your comments x
  6. Hello all, I'm thinking about getting a sac de jour (grained leather, silver hardware) in either the baby or small size. Living in Paris it's true that I've seen a ton of women carrying this bag. Is it too common? Should I go aother route? I'm looking for a bag to bring to work but that can transition for an evening also.
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  7. Sorry for being completely OT regarding your question, but I wonder if you see any Celine belt bags or Gucci Dionysus around Paris anymore? :smile:

    Just curious! Sorry for TJ.
  8. No worries! :smile:
    There are a TON of Guicci Dionysus bags (my colleague has one and I have a few friends that have the bag too).
    Not so many belt bags which is why I wanted it in the first place. I had the mini but I sold it because it was too big without keeping its structure and I’ve been thinking about getting the micro but I’m still not sure if I want to get it...
  9. I don’t mind bags being common, to be fair there are only so many bags around and I doubt many are unique. Where I am the Birkin is common as is the classic flap ‍♀️.

    The SDJ is a great bag, I have the baby souple version in powder pink and it’s one of my favourites. If anything when I see something else with it a great conversation starter :smile:

    Small is great for work but baby is good for day to evening.
  10. Hello all! Does anyone have the baby sdj in patent croc? I just got mine and she’s beautiful but I noticed she doesn’t have saint laurent stamped on either side. I have a nano souple in powder pink and it’s very clear on that one so I wasn’t sure if this was a feature of the patent croc embossed? Pic below and thank you in advance!

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    Hello Sac de Jour forum,
    I just found a pre-loved sac de jour size baby with the grained leather and it's practically brand new but it's the supple version. It looks like it's still in great condition and it stands upright but I'm worried that it will lose its shape (I've seen a few previous posts about the supple version of the bag losing its shape, but is that only for the bigger models?) I mean some of the other pre loved supple baby sac de jours I've seen look a little slouchy even though the baby is relatively small)... I really love the original version but haven't found a pre loved one in this good of condition.

    Can someone tell me their experience with the baby sac de jour supple version? Should I just buy it if it's a good price?
  12. I have the baby in souple and love it. Mine is used daily, is almost 2 years old and still looks brand new. Has not lost its shape at all. I think the larger sizes are the ones that do not hold their shape. I love this leather. Very luxurious to hold it.
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  13. I’m in the market to purchase a sac de jour nano and I’ve found one that I like. But I’m concerned that it may be the souple leather. I do NOT want the souple. I can’t tell by looking at it but in other websites, the souple is labeled as souple but it still looks like a normal sac de jour. Do you guys think that the bag below is souple or will lose its shape after a while?

    IMG_0479.jpg IMG_0480.jpg IMG_0481.jpg IMG_0482.jpg
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  14. This is the supple version. You can tell by the silver studs near the handles and the fact that there are no feet on the bottom.
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  15. Hi,

    I also live in Paris and was thinking about getting Sac de jour for an everyday day-to-night bag but am just afraid that it's not secured enough in the metro as it has zip compartements but not a flap that covers over and there are so many pickpockets so I don't feel very safe.

    @To whom who own Sac de jour and commute in public transport: do you have any security issue with the bag? Thanks in advance.