Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. Wow! Congratulations! What a great deal. Looking at the private sale, I didn't see any Saint Laurent bags. Are there different products at different customer levels perhaps?
  2. No Saint Laurent for me too.
  3. Yes. From my experience (so some of this may not be entirely accurate), the VIP sale starts earlier and includes certain designers SL, Valentino, Givenchy etc and a multitude of styles from those designers that may (or may not) eventually be included in the regular sale.

    Also, certain discounted prices are only available to VIPs even when all have access to items. I used to post sale links until I realized this, but have since stopped as I can't be sure if the great deal I'm seeing is only available to select customers.

    Matchesfashion to a certain extent also only offers certain sales and promos to select customers.
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  4. Thanks for the info, highend. And congrats again on the deals on such beauties!
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  5. Can anyone recommend a purse insert for the small SDJ? I have a first generation SDJ and in recent years it has started to bow in the middle. I’m looking for something that will recreate the original boxy shape. I’m kind of at a loss since the interior of the bag is such an odd shape with the divider.
  6. Finally wearing the souple black nano SDJ that I scored for 50% off during the recent Farfetch sale.
    I always hesitated purchasing this size as people often claim it’s too small to fit much. But, I was pleasantly surprised that even though the dimensions appear to be similar to my Givenchy mini horizons,
    both.jpg inside.jpg
    .......the nano SDJ can comfortably fit a bit more.
    In this pic, I have inside a small umbrella, soft sunglass case, thin compact SDJ wallet and small organizer...and there still room on top to fit other odds and ends. I also found that it fits a traditional water bottle plus my essentials with ease.
    OK…now I want more!:graucho:
  7. Congratulations on a great deal on an even greater bag. I adore the souple but was a bit peeved to see someone get mine at the outlet for nearly half price :lol:. I will keep an eye on the website and try to get my next coloured one at a discount.
  8. ....just realized I forgot to post these black tulip lovelies I got during the boutique sale: tulip.jpg
    baby croc SDJ and SDJ thin compact wallet

    My love affair with the black tulip color started earlier this year with my large of course I couldn't resist these!
  9. Hi guys. I am in need of some advice.

    I ordered a baby SDJ in grained leather from Saks on Cyber Monday and got $500 off. Although Saint Laurent was listed as excluded from the promo, the code worked, so I suspect it might have been a glitch on their part. Usually the promo codes don't work - I've tried before.

    Well, I received my order this week and to my surprise, Saks shipped me the wrong size. They sent me the SDJ grained leather in small, in the older model that comes with the cloth lining, inner side pockets, and a non-removable middle pouch.

    I'm not sure what to do. Should I go to Saks and exchange it for the baby? I'm from Canada and the shipment came from the States so I'm not sure if the Canadian store will have the correct style code that I ordered (i.e., which version of the baby I'll get).

    In addition, while scoring the small feels like a steal, I'm worried that it'll look too oversized for my 5"3 frame, and be too heavy to use (see below for a photo of me trying on both in a YSL store, in heels). I think the small in other photographed angles looks too big on my frame.

    Any opinions? Please help an indecisive girl out!

  10. I think the smaller one looks better, but the larger would good for something like work! The smaller one looks more like an everyday size. I'd say contact them about an exchange - they might be able to help you find it in the Canada store :smile:
  11. I have been using the older small (32 cm) for a few years. It feels too heavy and I'm 5'7". In hindsight, I wish I bought the nano.
  12. I like the baby size on you. Contact Saks and tell them they sent the wrong bag and ask them to order you the correct one providing it’s available. You paid for the baby and they sent the small. They should match the price you paid. Beautiful bag.
  13. I like the baby as well.
    Reach out to Saks they are pretty reasonable. I had a previous order when a gift card event. The bag they sent was defective. The allowed me to place another order and still applied the promo for me. Give it a try.
    Good luck!
  14. I meant in hindsight, I would have bought the baby.

    I would contact Saks customer service to see what's their exchange procedure. I'm sure everything would work out. :smile:
  15. Love this, how does the souple hold up? Does it sag and do you worry things will fall out?