Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. This is my first post, so I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place! :confused1: I'm selling my small Sac de Jour in Lipstick Pink and wanted to post it here if anyone is interested. Really hoping to sell this beaut soon as I just got the large Saint Laurent College bag which is a bit more suited to my needs. Open to offers via eBay! :heart:
  2. You need to post a link to your eBay sale in the auction listings not here [emoji4]
  3. Thank you!!
  4. croc babies...
    babies.jpg antique rose rigid and dark green souple
  5. smalls
    desert storm souple and black opium
  6. Strange...I've had my small souple for around 6 months now and thankfully it has no slouch and retained its shape....not sure what would have cause the softening of your bag
  7. Hi,
    I am really thinking about buying MEN SAC De JOUR bag, but I have also one idea in my head and I need your opinion.

    What do you thing about SDJ BABY souple wearing on MEN as a cross body. I'm not super tall and bulky guy so I think it could look nice with my punky attitude. Do you see those bags as a super feminine?
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  8. I think it would look good! Personally I don’t think this bag is super feminine. Good luck deciding :flowers:
  9. 8F1D3B89-6BDB-4558-A016-F82EB083E64E.jpeg 209F4BF5-5233-4EB1-9036-DD35ADB04C4D.jpeg A0C79B20-BEA3-481E-B2B5-AC93F32D36C2.jpeg 24EF2E02-8DC4-4582-806E-F4DA3BF83811.jpeg
    Calling out sac de jour lovers,

    I have previously posted this in another FB chatgroup so pardon me if you have seen it already.
    Which SDJ baby should I keep?:
    1. Dusty rose 2014
    2. Black printed with hearts 2017 limited edition

    Pros of dusty rose : more elegant and classic looking for a SDJ . Easily transit from day time work look to night.
    Cons: there is no additional leather lining per say, so the warpsing of the two sides of the bag where the handle is attached annoys me sometimes. Refer to the picture attached.

    Pros of black baby: so unique and edgy and not typically of usual sdj. The saint Laurent prints are actually in rainbow colour vs the typical gold or silver! The leather is so beautiful and smooth and buttery. The full leather lining is so luxurious and gives the bag an extremely good structure overall. It remainds me of the edgy boy Chanel vs it’s classic flap sisters.
    Cons: like many have commented on the FB, printed bags can look childish/tacky sometimes. It is not a classic elegant look like many have said. I usually do not bring it to work as well if I have to meet external people/clients.

    So ... I would appreciate comments or feedbacks I would like to just keep one for now
  10. I don’t know how you look but personally I think it’s weird for guys to carry a bag too small by crossbody. I am a guy and I have a classic SDJ in small size and when I use it with the strap I shoulder-carry it on one side.

    But do whatever that makes you happy, others’ opinions don’t really matter.
  11. Sounds like based on your comments that you like the print for yourself, but you like the dusty rose to suit more what society tells you to like! I would go for whatever makes you happy :smile: That dusty rose is a really beautiful shade of pink, but if you're looking for a classic elegant bag you can always find another SDJ in a classic color! They make those every season and it would be easy to find pre-loved as well, but I would say the print would be a lot harder to replace if you should change your mind and want it back.
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  12. Congrats!! Amazing color
  13. Congrats!!! Amazing
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  14. 4 years later ... My Croc embossed Sac de Jour with the suede interior is still as stunning as the day i got him. And Also insanely heavy even for a man who works out lol. IMG_20180829_113356_401.jpg
  15. What did you decide?
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