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  1. Just curious what size this bag is? I think the souple in nano or baby size holds its shape, but anything larger will collapse. I’ve been using the souple in baby size for close to a year and use it everyday and the shape is perfect. I agree the leather is luxurious. For a stiffer carefree bag, I’d recommend the grained in the original sac de jour. it will be sturdier and carefree
  2. It’s the small size. I agree that smaller sized bag would hold its shape way better. I don’t mind if the leather softens up but the way it collapse bothers me though. Sdj in grained leather feels very stiff and hard, not sure if i would like it though...
  3. Personally, I love a soft leather bag and the collapse you mention would not bother me. I think it a gorgeous quality bag that is just so easy to use. I agree the original SDJ is much stiffer. I love the carefree look of your bag. It’s beautiful!
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  4. I think that it just makes your bag look luxurious! I think a soft supple leather is so beautiful. I think it's a matter of perspective change :smile: Don't think of the sagging as ugly or a flaw - think of it as a natural characteristic of a high quality leather, that comes with the use of someone who can afford to love and use their designer bags :smile: it's a very French attitude, like Jane Birkin's beat-up Hermes birkin bag!
  5. Yeah, I started to notice that shops carrying the small souple SDJ were starting to look a little too slouchy. Short of taking out the center pouch and putting in a felt organizer, I don't know that you're going to be able to avoid the buckling. Soft leather is going to have this problem. I'm not being critical here. After years of seeing the SDJs hold their shape, I also sort of assumed the souple ones would hold their shape. In hindsight, I realized that's silly. :smile:
  6. I love your perspective on it. I think it makes the bag look like a quality bag. Kind of like wrinkles in linen or cotton. It shows it’s a natural high quality fiber. I think the same about the grained leather and slouchiness.
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  7. Thank you ladies! I feel much better after reading your replies and I’ve decided to keep it. You are right that this is part of the natural characteristics of a high quality leather. I should learn to love and appreciate it :smile: After all this was the reason why I got the souple and not the regular version - the soft, thick and chewy leather is why I decided to go for souple in the first place.

    Yes.. soft leather is going to have this problem. I’m thinking of getting a felt organizer so that the slouching problem will not get worse.. any recommendations? :smile:
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  8. I have a couple Samorga organizers and can definitely recommend them. There are a few other brands as well, but I don't have personal experience with them.
  9. Hi all,
    Wondering if I could get some help authenticating a Small SDJ. I purchased one used ( and upon receiving it I noticed there are a few differences from the medium size one I have (that I know for sure is authentic because I purchased it new. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or if there are differences between style years:

    1) The lining is not suede, it's black leather. Similarly the key and interior pocket zipper has a black leather tab
    2) The date code printed inside the pocket seems to be printed in two different fonts (see pic). The last two digits "15" seem to be larger
    3) The dimensions also seem a little off. From the "Ultimate" guide I found on this site, it looks like the width is supposed to be 6.4 inches. The width on this bag is just under 6 inches.

    Otherwise the quality and hardware all look the same as my other bag. Would love your input! Thanks!

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  10. Help! I finally got the sdj in souple leather in Paris but I found the leather handles peeling! Does anyone know if I can do an exchange in Amsterdam or Berlin or my home country Singapore??
  11. Help! I finally got the sdj in souple leather in Paris but I found the leather handles peeling! Does anyone know if I can do an exchange in Amsterdam or Berlin or my home country Singapore??
  12. Hi! Do you mind posting pics of how your bag has held up after a few months of use? thank you :smile:
  13. You need to post your queries under the ‘Authenticate This’ thread:

    As for the lining they did came up with several variations of the bag with leather lining for Fall 2016 (I have a version of that too). Your serial number does seem pretty weird, but apparently this batch has a lot of consistency issues (e.g. serial number, leather tag placement). I too had doubts about the authenticity of my bag because I didn’t buy it in the store but from an online retailer in South East Asia, I authenticated my bag on the forum AND took it to my local YSL store requesting for a repair service which will take me 4 to 6 months but at least it will give me some peace when I get my bag back.
  14. I absolutely love the slouch on that bag. I love soft thick looking leather, feels so effortlessly but luxurious. If you love the scratch resistance of this bag I’d definitely recommend you get the grained in the regular version. Smooth is more delicate.
  15. Hi everyone! I just purchased a light colored SDJ in smooth leather. I'm ok with the fact that it will be prone to scratches, but I'm wondering if the leather encased padlock would create an ugly "smile" mark (a common problem with Birkins that I've been lucky enough to avoid so far). Should I just remove the padlock? I've also noticed that I could just leave it hanging on the inside of the bag, although it's not a great look. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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