Rumour re: Louis Vuitton Recall?

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  1. My experience is same like yours. The glazing ruin my clothes, wallet, damier azur cles and everything near it. It was really bad and SA just said sorry. I have made a thread about this issues somewhere last year. My Dora bag was melted badly..! They replaced new bag because my Dora is limited edition.
    For me, I am grateful LV still take care of me by giving new bag. Not like other brand who doesn’t care about their after sales. :smile:
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  2. Went to the store today with my retiro nm with black straps and my epi neverfull in quetsche. They told me I had to exchange them right there and will be a one time exchange, no store credit. This is odd since the manager I spoke with from Texas said they can be exchanged and can be a store credit. I exchanged them for 3 bags but I didn't get the last price my two bags were sold for. Can someone tell me the last price of the retiro nm with black straps and the epi neverfull in quetsche? I think I will call the manager tomorrow to explain the situation. TIA.
  3. Any empreinte zippy wallet recalls? I have a brown one that was purchased in Europe in 2015 and I’m not sure what, if any, contact info I gave them
  4. You can always take your item to a boutique and check with the staff. They should be able to tell you what’s on the list and what isn’t.
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  5. I received a call about this same bag that I purchased in March, 2015. Not sure what to do either since this bag is not in production anymore. While I like the bag, I find it heavy and might to take the opportunity to "trade" it for a new bag. Just not sure what I would trade it for!
  6. Thank you, my nearest LV is over an hour away so I’m hoping someone can give me an idea if it’s worth the drive...
  7. When I exchanged my Retiro NM, it was valued at USD 2150 plus tax. I bought it in 2015 for 2110 plus tax.
  8. That's the question... My SA is not giving any explanation about it... what a shame, seems like it is easier for them to make a store credit than repairing a bag....
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  9. Th
    There is no added taxes in switzerland
  10. If they’re smart, for like transactions they’ll net it to zero and eat any additional costs or loss in revenue. For discontinued bags they should give the original value, adjusted for inflation, and also refund original sales tax. I have 5 bags and a wallet affected by this issue and my SA has already calculated my exchange value with an adjustment for inflation. I’m going in on Saturday, schlepping in all these items, two of which are my very favorites - Speedy 30 bandouliere (I bought the first one in my store) and the limited edition bagatelle parnassea. Both of these bags were failing and had me privately questioning LV quality before I received a call from CS this week. I already exchanged a Montaigne MM last summer after it melted all over my arm. I also have an epi neverfull I never carried because the first time I pulled it from my closet I discovered the strap stuck to the side and when I removed it, it left a mark - I blamed myself and have been kicking myself over their melting issue for years. This is very inconvenient, and while I do very much appreciate that they’re making the effort to make this right, it better not come with a sales tax charge when this is entirely their fault. Plus they’re a very large, successful, wealthy company that can afford to take the loss on their books and I would assume they have some sort of insurance for this kind of incident.
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  11. I exchanged a discontinued bag yesterday, they credited the price that was on the receipt plus the tax (there was some discussion regarding tax since it was purchased in another state but thy ended up giving me the tax from the state where I was doing the return), no talk of inflation. When I brought up that the current selling price was higher than what I paid I was told they no longer sell the bag. I understand that but the last selling price was higher than what was on my receipt (the bag is still on the website). Anyway, I gave up and just went with what they offered.

    AJMICK, which wallet did you have an issue with?
  12. I took my soft lockit in and they’re replacing the handles. It’s taking forever but they’re doing it.
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  13. I have a good friend who works at an LV boutique and when we were discussing this “recall” she mentioned that a client received a $27k credit because she had so many bags with glazing issues. Yikes!!!!
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  14. The Curieuse. I actually took it out last night because I’m not currently using it and it looks fine, so I’m a little torn on returning it, but I’ve also seen how quickly it can fail so to be safe I’ll return it. I really love that wallet and I guess will replace it with a Sarah? I don’t know.
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    Hi. I’m late to the party. I have a soft lockit MM from from 2014. Found in order history on Will LV really take it back? I moved since I bought the bag online from LV.

    THOUGHTS appreciated.