Rumour re: Louis Vuitton Recall?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    so I've been following this topic lately regarding a louis vuitton pochette metis recall. There's been mixed responses... and I'm not sure what to believe. I live in australia, and I just tried calling the customer hotline and they said they had no idea what I was talking about. How do I move on from there? Do I ask them to double check with the manager?

    So far it seems a lot of it is from US, so I just wanted clarification from anyone who knows more about it. Also if there's any fellow australians that have brought this up with their SA and know much about it?

    Just wanting some clarity regarding this if anyone can shed some light?
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  2. There is no such thing as a “recall”.. not sure where you are getting this information. There are rumors that it will be discontinued.
  3. Why would LV recall a bag? Is there a health hazard or a deadly defect?
  4. FoxyLV on Instagram mentioned that, I personally do not believe that will ever happen, but I came across such information as well.
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  5. Although it's not officially called a "recall" but it seems that LV is taking action on bags from 2013-2015. There is apparently some fading canvas issues as well as all the glazing issues that are known for these years. As usual, customer service is all over the place on this and your store may not even be aware. There's a you tuber who called CS to ask about it and they told her yes to bring it to her store and the store basically laughed. However they called CS to speak to someone and found out she was right and gave her store credit. Your best bet is to take your bag for an assessment if it's from those years.
  6. my store told me they’re recalling the montaigne bb mono and speedy empreinte bronze which I had owned but have unfortunately already sold
  7. I would take it to the store you purchased it if you are concerned.
    Are you having issues?
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  8. FoxyLV shares anything and everything. She is not a trustworthy source in my opinion.
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  9. They are not doing a recall on any bags. However they are now very aware of bags which had issues and will honor exchanges or credits. But they aren’t notifying everyone who has one of these bags to bring them in! If they felt there was that much of a problem with the PM they would stop selling which they have not. Recall on the PM do you realize how much money they would loose. I feel like I am sitting at the end of a row of ten people and the last to hear the rumor that started ten people ago. What was told to the first person seems completely different by the time if reached me.

    And rumors like these cause LV to rethink decisions to honor their materials years later with the flux of crazed people asking about bag recalls.
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  10. YouTube drives me madd!
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  11. LOL
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  12. This makes me wonder something though- imagine this scenario-

    Pretend someone owns this bag but has no issues and then goes on YouTube and sees the rumors about " recalls" . This person then goes to the store asking for refund/ replacement because they feel like their bag may become defective over time even though there is no current defect on the bag. This person is afraid they've purchased a bag that may show defects because tons of people online are complaining about their defective bags so they get concerned and want LV to replace theirs.

    I would imagine that these types of scenarios are chaotic for lv to deal with. I can see it from both sides though. I could see the customer being concerned because they spent a decent amount of money and don't want a defective product but I can also see the loss that the company may deal with just because someone online started rumors.
  13. The only rumors I believe are the price increase rumors.
  14. Unfortunately the consequences of social media on the internet.
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  15. Don't go by what you see posted on youtube. Each youtuber are trying to beat the next one in spreading these rumors. In my opinion many are just reaching just so they can have content on their channel.

    For crying out loud the potential issues with this bag have been documented for YEARS. I purchased my PM in 2015 knowing what problems may potentially be down the road and so far no issues. I will not be calling customer service or my SA to ask about an issue that hasn't even happened yet. Do your research. If the risk isn't worth it to you then just select a different bag.

    Not directed towards you OP, but to everyone who is interested in this bag. I swear it seems if folks know the "defects" and purchase the bag anyways. Then when they receive the bag they go over it with a magnifying glass the entire time they own the bag and then complain about something or other just to have something to complain about.