Rumour re: Louis Vuitton Recall?

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  1. I was told by client services - it was the value of the bag “excluding” tax - which I could not understand.
    However when I did the exchange my SA credited me the value of the bag “including” the tax.
    Maybe someone else will reply to this question too because idk if my SA made an error or the person at client services made the error.
  2. I had also glazing issues and my coat was totally stained. Was really mad about that. Therefore, take the store credit because you will not be happy if this happens to your clothes.
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  3. I had 3 bags that were defective and I received credit for current purchased price + taxes. One of the bags was discontinued and LV gave me the last selling price (+taxes). Hope this helps!
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  4. I would take the credit since it could get worse. My Bastille declined very quickly.
  5. Just the cost of the bag, not the taxes :sad:
  6. So some people are getting taxes and some aren’t. How odd.
  7. Are you in the USA? That's not true for my boutique, which did refund taxes as well.
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  8. I have one of the bags that’s being recalled..just to clarify, does it need to show the glazing or stickiness issues or is it ok to bring it in for store credit as long as it’s one the recall list?
  9. No the bag doesn’t have to show issues yet. You can just bring it in.
  10. Thank you :smile:
  11. I agree
  12. Yes, I’m in North Carolina. I was told they couldn’t do the taxes as well. It’s too bad but in the end I’m glad they made it right with the damaged bag
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  13. Did they pay for your dry cleaning bill because they asked me if my sweater was ruined or stained and I said no I washed it and it came out. Then the SA told me they pay for dry cleaning if the clothing was damaged from the bag. I do not know the process that would have to be done in order to get the reimbursement.
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  14. Yes, they do; my store also has paid to replace items (one was an Hermes scarf)
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  15. wow, that sounds like a wonderful service. Didn‘t know that they offer to pay the cleaning bill.

    Though I told them about my ruined trenchcoat, they offered me nothing, the SA just said sorry and that was it. I was even afraid they won‘t do anything about the glazing issue (read about it here in a few threads) since the bag was from 2013 and didn‘t know a few months ago that they will start to recall bags now.

    Thanks for your info! Love these forum for such helpful information!
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