Rumour re: Louis Vuitton Recall?

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    Just realized this “recall” thing is true. Does Cluny included on the list??? I bought my Epi Cluny in 2015 and there is problem with the glazing on the handle, but I bought the bag in Austria, I’m not sure if I can just go to the LV store here in Canada and ask them. Anyone can give input? TIA!
  2. You can bring the bag to any LV store. I also brought a bag in Europe and it had issues , took it to LV store in the state and they replaced it for me. I did bring a copy of my receipt thou. However, they can look it up if you don’t have it.
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  3. I also took a Abha that I bought in Paris to the store. I had all the tags (hooch they scanned to determine the price in dollars) and couldn’t find the receipt, but anyway they were able to look it up to verify my purchase.
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  4. I still have all the receipt for my bags. Did they give you store credit for the price you paid (just convert it to usd) or did they give you the latest retail price in the US?
  5. They scanned the tags and that came up with a price. I don’t remember how much I paid to be honest, but I assumed it was the USD price and not the converted price. Also it was a limited edition bag from 2013 so it was the 2013 US price (I am pretty sure bc it was about the price of a non- LE bag now and LE bags are usually abt $500 more than the standard bags). They said I could trade for anything in stock. I didn’t want to trade my bag, so I kept it. Then I took it to another store where they said they could send it out for repair (the first store said that wasn’t an option on a LE bag). That’s actually when my situation got complicated, but I don’t want to go on since I’ve answered your question.
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  6. I exchanged my 2015 lockit a few days ago and I had also moved since (I’m in the US, just different state)

    The only question was whether to credit back the tax of the state where I bought it or where I was returning it. They ended up crediting the tax of the state where the exchange took place.

    They did want to receipt but I think they can look it up in your history as well.

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  7. What they do with the tax is also store-specific; the two stores I went to happened to be in different states. One said they would credit me + sales tax and the other said they wouldn’t Bc I bought it in France. Unrelated, She also wanted to charge me tax on another purchase that I was shipping to a sales tax-free state, which I’m pretty sure is illegal (and I just didn’t make that purchase).
  8. Thank you.
  9. Does anybody know if the 2013 Epi Neverfull in carmine is on the recall?

    My straps have stuck to and left awful stuff on the sides of my bag while in the dust cover. It was received as a gift. I sent a message for my SA but can't seem to see a recall list to see if my item is on it. My apologies if this was covered....:confused1:

    Is it possible they can replace all the glazed parts/handles and clean that black stickiness off? Or is this item just a credit for something in store? I want to at least mentally prepare myself should I be parting ways with her :sad:

    It is a discontinued color and I love the bag but it is a sticky ruined mess I can't wipe off. Any advice appreciated. I love the bag but can't carry it. Thanks to all! :heart:
  10. I bought my epi neverfull in quetsche in 2013 and it was recalled. The bag like yours, was discontinued. Will be worth going to the store and just say you have the glazing issues. Mine was brand new, only used twice and they took it.
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  11. Thank you! I just felt sick when I opened up the dustbag. Will be taking her in!
  12. Both of my epi Neverfulls from this time period have had glazing issues. Luckily I caught it early enough that the straps were replaced. But at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if those melt too. So far I’ve had seven bags with glazing problems in a 2-3 year period. This is absolutely ridiculous from a quality standpoint and has really diminished my confidence in Louis Vuitton. So I’m done with their bags.
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  13. Thank you!!
  14. Hi—I called CS and they said I would have been contacted and my bag not on the list. However, I pulled it out of box and saw this in the handle. My items are pristine. And you can clearly see fibers stuck. Look like it melted.

    Think going to take to LV store. This bag was $4200. I would have noticed when I got the bag 5 years ago for that kind of money and returned.

    AED8EE5F-F346-4978-ADD2-D672831B9FA1.jpeg 4925674B-5C79-4EB3-A0B2-7B8E42E409D9.jpeg
  15. Take it to the store, it's definitely melting.
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