Paris trip for Hermes

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  1. So gorgeous!
  2. Thank you. :drinks: My friend also said if the abricot K28 is still available in the morning, then it’s meant for me. I was also attracted to the evercolor ....the leather takes colour as well as swift but has some grainy texture like togo so it’s scratch resistant!
  3. Thank you all for your well wishes. It’s comforting to know that you also agree with my choices although I know size and colour are very individual preferences.

    Now that I’ve got some sleep, I would like to share some “findings” from this second experience at FSH:

    1. FSH seems more crowded in the morning than after lunch over the three days I visited.
    2. The chance of scoring a bag doesn’t seem to relate to the non-bag items you’ve bought for the day. The first SA who offered me the Bleu K32 wasn’t aware that I already placed my non-bag purchases at the counter prior to her offering me the K.
    3. Even if it’s a return visit, you still need to get an appointment. I suppose this maybe different for the VIPs but I’m not one :blush:
    4. There’s no need to look for your previous SA. I did ask for the SA who offered me a B but she was on vacation leave. I was told that it’s better to be served by the next available SA than to wait for your SA, especially when the store is busy. On the last day when I returned, I did ask for the SA who offered me the Abricot K the evening before but she was attending to a customer. Had I waited for her, I might have lost the bag to another customer.

    Hope my sharing helps and all the best to you for your next H hunt!

    PS: The Bleu Encre is quite a chameleon and I’ve attached another shot captured in the hotel room... it looked noir :rolleyes:. Perhaps next time!

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  4. This is beautiful, congrats.

    Stunning, congrats.
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  5. Hi all - in your experience, can I ask that my 5 pm appointment be moved earlier? Like, could I just "hang around" to see if they can see me earlier?
  6. .

    It can move earlier or later time ,you can try and ask the hostess to sign you in. good luck!!!

  7. congratulations !!either one is gorgeous!!! and also love that hotel ...:loveeyes:
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  8. Thank you!
  9. Sorry - one more question. What is your experience with the stock at FSH in the morning at opening say 10:30? I'm looking for a kelly pochette, not a b/k/c. Is a pochette hard to come by? I'm not picky on colors or hardware at all. The SA at Georges V said the Saturday protests have limited their stock (not sure why).
  10. Honestly I think it doesn't matter what time is your appointment, in my opinion and experience it just by luck... depends on the delivery that day ,the right SA ...

    3 stores in Paris say same thing low stock on Saturday, but I saw personally people got offered B/K/C.

    Pray and Hoping luck will be on your side tomorrow... I'm excited for you.
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  11. Thanks so much, mcpro!
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  12. Thank you and I absolutely love the hotel too :heart:
  13. When I was in Paris in November 2018 I asked my SA for a pochette and she said they were getting harder to come by. My SA in the US has also shared that she isn’t seeing as many of these come in. On the other hand, I was at H in Dubai in December and they offered me a pochette in blue encre. Ask for it but have some back ups in mind just in case!
  14. My friend and I were in Paris in November and we were both looking for KPs. She was offered one in rose poupre on a Saturday. I was offered one in ostrich on the following Monday. My SA did tell me that they do not receive any deliveries on Saturdays so whatever they have in stock is from the prior deliveries. So, I think it’s possible! Good luck!
  15. Yes of course... I can be there all day if only my schedule allows me but I maybe broke after that :biggrin:
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