Paris trip for Hermes

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  1. I'm so sorry they didn't have what you wanted this trip. You are such a positive person.

    Interesting about the Constance's. Last time I bought a Kelly I was asked if I was interested in a Constance but I wasn't. I wonder if they are increasing production. Or if demand is down. Lindys used to be hard to come by and now they are openly on the website.
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  2. I would like to know the answer to this question as well? Is it possible to buy the items in the window display?

    At my home store, we can purchase HAC and B/K if they are on display in the store. They also do not count as quota because they are considered "open bags"
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  3. I admire your strength & composure. Great picture you got there! I agree with you on the experience of embracing the journey rather than focusing too much on the outcome..

    & I do hope one day you will be able to find your HG. Hope for H fairies to work up the magic soon :heart:
  4. How wonderful to have bumped into Michael! Sorry to hear they didn't have what you were looking for. Wishing you lots of luck if there's a next time!

    The last time I was there, when asking for a B, my SA wasn't confident about having a B/K, but fairly confident there was a C. I hesitated because I wasn't quite sure a C suits me.
  5. That may be even better than scoring a bag ! how did you ask him for a photo op ? Crossing my fingers for you that you'll score a bag the next day. I recall you saying that your hubby would only line up once but hope he changes his mind. Would love to see you carrying your 'souvenir' from Paris to our meet next month. Praying for you.
  6. Enjoy Paris! And keeping fingers crossed ;) for you if hubby changes his mind!
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  7. Dear: May I ask when you were last there? I thought C is super hard to get even at FSH, I rarely see anyone posting about getting a C here, even if there are posts, people got them at the airport. She offer you a C even before you ask? I do feel that they have the if you don't ask, I won't tell you policy, like if you ask for K, they will only check K, they won't check for b or other bags. I love the C, but afraid to ask for wasting my chance. I feel like if I ask for B/K/C all at once, the SA would feel that I am not sincere, and wouldn't offer even if they had one.

    I did see several constance on display when I was there this February, but I thought display wasn't for sell, so I didn't ask.
  8. When going down the stairs I saw him towards our direction and he said hi, I introduce my husband and we talked a little , then I asked him if it's ok to take a picture of him and told me to go that certain area because lighting is good there .. and he make sure that picture was perfect .. [emoji4]
  9. This made me chuckle! Of course knows all the good/poor lighting spots and perfected the no teeth showing smile!

    Awesome pic dear! It is a great souvenir!
  10. Sorry you the magic didn't happen this time. How amazing you recognized him though. Maybe they should make potential buyers take a quiz being entertaining bag requests. I bet you ladies will all get 100%!

    You were such a good sport too...not sure if I could have held the disappointment to myself. I might have blurted it out at him :doh:
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  11. See my post above. I had a similar experience. Last fall.
  12. Glad that you have a lovely "souvenir" from FSH. Stay positive and I wish you better luck next time. Enjoy Paris in the meantime!
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  13. I don't think a C is necessarily easier nor harder to find. In 2016, I got a B on my first visit. Then a K on my second visit. When I bought my K, my SA told me, "let's get you a Constance next time"
  14. I was told that they had a large stock available on hand. So that's a bit different. I wish I liked them. Would love a shoulder bag.
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  15. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm sorry you didn't get anything. I'm so sorry about the crazy folks who are holding spaces too. 8 AM is already incredibly early and you're waiting in the freezing cold.

    Love the photo with Michael Coste! :smile: Definitely a good memory to hold on to.
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