opinions - what is your vote for the most uncomfortable CL shoe style?

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  1. Definitily the Pigalle 120's. I have no problem walking in them (i've even an in them lol) but after 20 minutes of wearing, and dancing in them i have to take them off :sad:
  2. another vote for the feticha/lady page because of the heel, arch and toebox.... i can barely take 2 steps in them.

    i am afraid to try the pigalle 120mm as well.
  3. Rolando! The only shoe that made me lose all feeling in my toes, and make them feel like my toes were folded in half. Still, a part of me wants them to work because I think they're such a gorgeous shoe!
  4. I agree on the rolandos. It was torture to even squish my foot into them. I literally stood up, sat down, and I was done.

    I personally love the pigalle (100s) and have tried on the 120s briefly, and don't think my issue would so much be 'pain' but just not exactly sure how to walk essentially on my tippy-toes!
  5. another vote for the pigalle 120 i have them in silver specchio for about 2 years now, and i looove them to death, they fit like a glove but they havnt made it out of my apartment yet because i cant stand up for more than 5minutes let alone even try to walk to the door lol...suckks for me but i look totally spastic trying to walk in them....
  6. and its nice to hear im not the only one with this problem =) love you girls!
  7. I remember trying on the pigalles (120) a few years ago and thought they were the most uncomfortable, torturous shoes... beautiful, sure, but I could barely take five steps in them without reaching out for the couches NM has. I wonder if the same thing would happen again, hmm. I kinda wanna try them on again just to see (in the safety of a carpeted shoe salon, of course)! :P
  8. I havent really come across any yet that are that uncomfortable. All of my higher heels become uncomfy after wearing for more than a few hours lol or a lot of walking, but I dont have any that are so uncomfortable that I cant wear.

    I havent tried on the 120 pigalle, or any 120 without a platform for that matter, but I cant imagine being able to walk in them either. Cant comment on the Rolando yet, but they are on my wishlist currently, so I'll be able to tell soon hopefully whether they are uncomfortable or me or not. :biggrin:
  9. Another vote for Pigalle 120s
  10. LOL Legaldiva, I completely agree! I try to wear my pigalle 120s around my house for a couple of hours each day, and I'm striving to wear them at least 1 day a week to work (it's hell at the moment!). I tell myself that I'm in training, practicing until my legs and ankles are steel. I have to - I already have 3 pairs of pigalles, they're so pretty!!!

    Most of my CLs are 120mm but they have platforms which of course make them easier to wear. I have declic 120s, decollettes, vps and altadama 140s and they are all uber-comfy! Bring on the rolandos!!

  11. The Pigalle 100 for me. They put my feet in a wired position so I'm in allot of pain but the 120 total comfort WT_ right I think its all about the way the foot fits in side the shoe. I also discover that slip gards on the ball of my foot help more than vibran replacements and any petal don't know why?
  12. I have the sock maryjane in what appears to be a half size too small...so I can't help you with the comfort level there. I think they'd be comfortable if they were the right size. =(
  13. I don't find Decolletes particularly comfortable. Mine are gorgeous (burgundy glittart :heart:), and they broke in fine, but I find them uncomfortable to walk in. I think it's the pitch. They're really car-restaurant-car shoes for me.

    Also Rolandos. I have a pair of Mads, and they're great-looking, but they hurt.
  14. rolandos by far. the second i put them on in a store and walked a couple steps i was in pain.

    pigalle 120s are the most difficult to walk in but i don't find them particularly painful. i just have a hard time balancing myself.
  15. any and all without a platform. it just ends up hurting in an hour.