opinions - what is your vote for the most uncomfortable CL shoe style?

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  1. Of the ones I own, the Mad Marys take the cake. They are just awkward. They are pretty steep but the back of the shoe is way too low and it always feels like my foot is not all the way in, but it is. It's strange and I haven't experienced it with any other shoe.
  2. i'm one of the few who find decolletes extremely hard to walk in. i have many other 4"+ heels that i can walk in with no problem but for someone reason, decolletes make me feel like i'm walking as if there is something up my butt :P
  3. I haven't tried on the Pigalle, but of the ones I've tried the Lady Pages were absolute torture. A shame too, they are gorgeous!
  4. decolletes... a gorgeous, lovely shoe but they make my feet ache and cry for mercy! lol
  5. ;)

    Junglejane i second that!!!!!!!! Once upon a time..i had a pair of lastic booties ..and let me tell you that they were by far the most pain ful shoe i've ever had ..imo even worse than the pigalle 120's and because of the lastic booties im too scared to buy another CL booties lol.

    joshow .. pigalles arent THAT bad , i think it takes alot of practice tto be able to walk in them..imo i think you may have gotten the wrong size cos i have 2 pairs pigalles 120's for the love of god i cant walk more than 20 steps in them, so they are my walk around the lounge room shoe for now :P

    i dont have decollettes my self but know alot of people who does and by far most of them have said they are uncomfy at first bit after breaking them in * just like every other brand new shoe * they can walk in them day in day out

    Rofl babysweettums !!!!!!!! I have the tuxedo lova pigalle - 3 years - and the leopard love (?) pigalle - few months - loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them dearly and no way in hell id ever part in them .hahah i look like a freaking drunk penguin trying to walk out of the house let alone stairs in them
  6. pigalle 120...i can't even stand in them, the pitch is really painful for my feet

    lady page/feticha...i just couldn't make this shoe work. one size i walked out of, the 1/2 size down from that i couldn't even get my feet all the way in. i needed like...1/4 sizes on this one!
  7. Of the ones I own, Pigalle. And the Rolando was an absolute killer in the toe box at first. Ouch.
  8. Rolandos. I haven't tried Pigalle 120s but I'm deathly afraid to.

    My Decollettes took FOREVER to break in (freaking Paillettes!), but are sososo gorgy. And comfy now. :biggrin:
  9. I think i have to say Rolandos & Pigalle 120's for me. Although, in saying that i simply just cant walk more than 2 steps in Pigalle 120's. I'm literally like bambi when i have 120s on! Such a shame as both styles are super sexy ... just not on me!

    I forgot about a pair of satin Clichy 100's i had ... OUCH OUCH OUCH! I couldnt get on with them at all yet my Pin Ups are one of the comfiest pairs i own! Strange seeing as they are the same shoe.
  10. The only pair i own is Helmuth. I just bought them from a friend and i can say that they are gorgeous with a non common shape but very painful. Maybe because i have corns, they are a bit small and they were brand new. I wore them at New Year party and they killed my feet, but i didn't gave up. I wore them till the end but the price paid for this was bleeding blisters at heels and bigger painful corns. My luck is that i can wear painful shoes w/o seeing on my face or walk the agony.
  11. Savvy, I had the exact same problems with both those shoes. I could barely stand up in the pigalle120s. I had them in the velvet graffiti and they were so drop dead sexy, but hopeless to walk in. I regretted getting rid of them,but they could never work.
  12. It's funny, my very first pair of CL were the patent Rolando and for some reason and I find them comfy and my feet are not narrow or wide.
  13. Rolandos! Absolute calf cramping, toe crunching pain. I was in complete denial too... after 4 pairs (2 leather, suede, patent)... they all found new homes.
  14. Rolandos (patent, anyway...) are absolutely pure torture. Never owned a pair, but after trying on a pair at Jeffrey, I realized that they are not for me. My true CL size was so small it made my foot cramp and half a size up was way too big. Strange!

    Disregard the fact that I still want Dillians. :P
  15. New Simple - ouch! The toe box really cramps my foot. I have lots of Simple (85 and 70s) and they are just bliss. No way have they used the same last. Also, I'm a 39 in Simple (although a 39.5 in one pair) but a 38.5 in New Simple.