opinions - what is your vote for the most uncomfortable CL shoe style?

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  1. OMG I forgot about the AstraQueens! That was so traumatic I must have erased them from my memory....
  2. #122 Jul 11, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2010
    My feet hate both Pigalle and Rolando too, but for different reasons. With the Pigalle, the setback heel does me in (whereas the Feticha heel is no problem). With the Rolando, I just feel so squashed in. Now, I have long feet (true 41 in non-CL) and probably need a 42.5 or 43 in Rolando which doesn't exist, but maybe if I had one it would work. Most of length of my foot is in the foot itself (short toes) and I have very high arches. Also, because the length of my foot is not in my toes, the ball of my foot is quite far forward and "off" for the Rolando. I'd love to track down a curved heel pigalle because it might just work.
  3. I have to say lady claude is by far the most uncomfortable for me- they are very narrow
  4. Pigalle 120's were good for me. I had to sell mine because of size but I want another pair. Rolandos are also ok.

    I just got some Lapono's & at first they are ok but after an hour I felt like my ankles were going to snap in half. Very strange feeling.
  5. That makes me so, so sad:shucks:.
  6. This is a great thread, would it be possible to make it into a poll, it would really help us all. I know no two pairs of feet are the same, but it would be a good indicator of what the majority of us finds more or less comfortable?
  7. oh god. lady page. hands down. i thought rolandos were bad. but lady page? OMG. i need to break my toes to wear them!
  8. I don't know if I've replied to this thread yet, but in case I have not, my vote goes to the Feticha and its ilk. I'm sorry, I know many here find them perfectly wearable and the style is dead sexy. It's the combination of the weird toebox and the shape of the arch. Just unbearably painful.

    I had a pair of Lastics which were kind of the same, but that was years ago and I think I got a size too small! Who hasn't made that mistake, haha.

    I also owned a pair of Rolande Boucle which I found pretty comfy. That style could be slightly differently cut than the Rolando itself.