opinions - what is your vote for the most uncomfortable CL shoe style?

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  1. Feticha/Lady Page....I love her but she kills my toes. The pitch and fit are so very odd. I have tried a dozen or so times and I always want to cry. Beauty is pain but my LP is ridiculous! So why can't I part with her?????
  2. ^^Because they're gorgeous. But honestly, a pair you can't wear deserve a place in your closet no more than a pair that is three sizes too small.

    I actually have the opposite problem to you - can handle the Feticha/Titi heel but have huge difficulty with setback straight heels like on the Pigalle, even 100s.
  3. Declic, hands down! I can handle pigalle 120's better than those damn things!
  4. Laponos are the same. Actually I think it's true of the Rolando family in general - at least with Mad Marys there's the extra security of the cross strap.
  5. You are right. You are so right. I need to face reality.
  6. ^^I feel your pain though. I so badly want black patent Pigalle 120s but they are not for me. :crybaby:
  7. ^^:hugs::smooch:
  8. cts, I know how you feel! I went through the same thing w/ my Lady Page. I was so in love with them but they just killed my feet! I ended up selling them and using the money for a pair that I loved and could wear.
  9. I have been making steps toward giving up....I did not include them in my collection thread, etc. I am trying to psychologically let go. Thanks for the support, laureen. A new pair sure would be nice....:P.
  10. cts and laureen, did you try having your LPs stretched a little?
    A funny thing about the Pigalle- the patent ones are murder but the pony are nice and the python not bad either!
  11. Hi mal! I didn't because they actually fit fine in the toebox. They feel good when I put my foot in them, but when I stand and walk, the angle of the pitch freaks my toes out. I think it might be my foot.
  12. well, it's many peoples feet unfortunately...
  13. And so frustrating because I think it is one of the sexiest shapes EVER. I still break her out for sitting occasions.
  14. I must agree on the the Feticia's I own them in black and brown. Sooo pretty but on what a nightmare!!! Funny how we are all different I really don't have a problem with the Pigalles 120:thinking:
  15. the same thing happened to me when I first tried on the size 40 (I'm an 8.5-9)..it was pure torture. When I went up a half a size they fit perfectly (well with two no slip grips added in the back).

    I guess the shoes get more comfy from here on out, lol.