opinions - what is your vote for the most uncomfortable CL shoe style?

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  1. wow, thanks girls for all the info. I kind of surmised about the pigalle and decolette. While I love the shoes and they are absolutely gorgeous, I need a pair that I can more or less walk in without too much pain. And my feet are too old and tired to start teaching them new tricks. I am glad to see Rolande's are not popping up as the worst offenders. I have my heart set on trying them next and appreciate the input I am getting. Though I do understand that they are not comfortable for some people, they haven't won the "worst" award, so I will definitely give them a try.
  2. For me, there is a difference between "uncomfortable/painful" and "difficult to walk in".

    Decolletes were the most painful, until being broken in (approx. 3 wears), but now rate as one of my most comfy and easy to walk in.

    Rolandos are currently my most painful (even after stretching the toe box out at home, it still needs "work" to be street ready)

    Pigalles 120mm are the most difficult to walk in. They dont hurt me sitting down and dont really hurt while walking, but that's probably because I cant do very many consecutive steps in them!
  3. lorrmich, "my feet are too old and tired to start teaching them new tricks"
    JRed, "high heel endurance classes"

    You guys crack me up! While I'm here, sign me up for high heel endurance training too Legaldiva!
  4. As some members here know...I hate my flats CL flats with a passion. I've been told that I have great feet for CL's because they're narrow and quite slim but those flats have only been once and I don't think I'm going to wear them again.
  5. Rolandos! They are so uncomfortable. All my other Louboutins are fantastic though.
  6. I have patent Rolandes and after the first time putting them on I collapsed from the pain. I have since broken them in but in my honest and true opinion, they do not hurt at all anymore. It's painless enough that I practice running around in them in my apartment. Either I have broken them in really really well or I am just very used to the pain.
  7. Lastic booties... I can wear them for no longer than 4 hours!!! and that is if I'm standing up and looking pretty:lol: walking is out of the question!!

    does anyone have the Sock maryjane? is it comfy?
  8. I just got the Pigalles, and they are EXCRUTIATINGLY PAINFUL....this coming from a high-heel TROOPER with a generally high pain threshold for EVERYTHING....I was in a car accident which required 7 surgeries, and never even took pain killers! I've never EVER worn a pair of shoes this SEVERLY ATROCIOUS! I got a half size larger than my regular shoe size, and they hurt terribly just putting them on. I literally couldn't even walk a HALF BLOCK to catch a taxi! They can be worn painfully for an hour or two if just sitting or standing, but walking is simply out of the question. I've honestly never encountered anything like it. There's no way these shoes could possibly get broken in, because the front of the shoe is like titanium -- meaning, it DOES NOT GIVE WHATSOEVER. Very, very, very disgusted and angry about the situation. The most beautiful pump I've ever seen, but almost useless. I even had to remove them during dinner at the restaurant!
  9. They're probably the wrong size! You'll find you really can't go by what the box says---you have to try on multiple sizes (especially at first) to find what fits your foot best. If they hurt when you put them on, they are probably too small.
  10. ^i agree about the wrong size...if anything, you can have a cobbler professionally stretch them...
  11. How odd! The Declics are super-comfy on me. I wear my red suede Bourge boots all the time because a) I get tons of compliments on them, and b) they're my lowest heels @ 2". Even so, they're pretty uncomfortable because the toe box simply doesn't stretch. I wear socks (medium thickness) because with tights my feet slip around, but without tights my feet and legs sweat next to the leather. They're getting more comfy though.

    Basically any CL with a platform is far more comfortable from my experience. I haven't had any (yet) that I would describe as being unbearably painful, they just need breaking-in time. I do need to work my way up so I can wear my higher heels though... anything above 85mm now and I look like Bambi on ice :crybaby:
  12. Decolletes were uncomfortable at first but after breaking them in, they are really comfortable! I think the most uncomfortable style for me was the "Rolande" (Rolando in slingback version). Maybe because it was only my first time wearing them but I could NOT walk in them! They had to go, sadly.
  13. Patent Rolandos are the absolute worst for me, yet I find the suede Rolande Boucles easy to walk in.
  14. Feticha or Lady Page. I can hardly stand in either, but I will still admire them at the store. :love:
  15. another vote for rolando, as uncomfortable as 120mm pigalle can get, rolando trumps it... just because I have wide-ish feet, and long toes. rolando's short and narrow toe-box is truly torturous on my feet, heck, they even give me the 'hammer toes' look :sad:

    120mm pigalle's pretty uncomfortable, but anything 120mm without a platform is comparable up there. but at least there's a bit more room in those pointy tips for toes to hide in :P