opinions - what is your vote for the most uncomfortable CL shoe style?

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  1. As a newbie, i was interested in knowing what might be something I should avoid, through the trials and tribulations of others who have more experience. However, I do understand that it is a personal opinion influenced by many things including correct size, shape of feet and intented use. Still would love to hear your thoughts!
  2. I'm not the one to answer this question. I find them all to be varying degrees of comfy/uncomfy. I can say that I find the most difficult to walk in are pigalles on carpet!
  3. 120mm pigalles for sure! These are just impossible to walk in. They are really sit and look pretty shoes.
    But of course any shoe that isn't the correct size will be uncomfortable.
  4. I would have to say the pigalles too. They hurt just trying them on but they're too pretty to pass up:P
  5. I've passed up buying so many CLs b/c after 5-10 minutes in them, my feet ached. My feet are wide, pudgy and very sensitive though, so my judgement won't be a good gauge for you.
  6. ive heard a lot of people say the rolandos are very uncomfy, and personally for me i could barely walk in the VPs, though i know many people can and find them comfy for 5" heels.
  7. I've found the decolette style to be very uncomfortable. The pigalle is a close second. I unfortunately have somewhat wide feet so I can't wear either of those beauties! :crybaby:
  8. Pigalle 120mm!!! I had them ordered from another Neiman so I couldn't try them on. Well, they came today and I can't even stand up straight in them! They look fabulous on but they probably won't do me much good if I can't walk. haha.
  9. Pigalles for sure!!
  10. There are some that I've never even dared to try because I know I could never bear the pain. The Pigalle is a prime example. The decolette zeppa is my most uncomfortable pair because they are so darned high! They are very stressful on my knees. I can't really straighten my legs when I wear them. My mom laughed at me when she saw me wear them once. She said I looked like I was in pain and couldn't even walk right. ;( That sort of defeats the purpose of having beautiful shoes. It's odd because they have a platform which should help but for some reason the height is a problem for me. I have other sky highs like the VP and Miss Marple and I can wear them just fine because of the platform.
  11. Though there will be some styles that are more uncomfortable, my advice is to try them in person. That is crucial as all of us are build differently including how our feet is structured (wide, flashy, bunion etc). So, a style maybe comfy for some but totally painful for another. I personally found the Pigalle not too bad.
  12. I have never tried on Pigalles. I do have Rolandos that I haven't worn out of the house yet because I'm a little nervous about killing my feet, so I would say so far those are my most uncomfortable.
  13. I think it's mostly a size isssue I don't have any pigalles but know that I won't get them just not the right shoe for me.
    The hardest to walk in are still my ariella talon even if I wear them a lot they just hurt my knees. Funny enough I find the rolandes more comfy.
    Oh and I tried on the catwomen oh dear I could stand but walking was out of question, I had the impression that my feet were on freefall.
  14. You know, I remember when I first started wearing regular high heels (maybe 2-3 inches) and I could barely stand them for more than a half hour.

    I think these shoes, esp Pigalles, just take more practice and a commitment to building up your high heel endurance.

    I sound like some kind of athletic trainer or something.
  15. i used to think the pigalle 120 but that award now goes to the declic 120. i was going to wear them tonight but opted out. i don't really know what it is about the declic. i have the right size. maybe my feet just weren't made for them.

    legaldiva, maybe i should sign up for your "high heel endurance" classes! ;)