my valentine present + my anniversary present!!! and modeling pics will follow...

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  1. Looove the Valentine Coral flap! :heart::girlsigh::love:
  2. Both of them are pretty :smile: congrats.
  3. Great DH & DF and lovely bags! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!
  4. Congrats!! Both are so lovely ! :biggrin:
  5. Wai - Both bags are super gorgeous - especially the valentine flap in coral! Congrats! Your DF is so sweet to order you your Maxi bag by calling the boutique!
    Nice additions to your present collection.....
  6. God, I just LOVE this colour
  7. so sweet of ur SO to give u another surprise.

    And i finally got my light gold 227
  8. Your red Maxi is very pretty. Lucky you...
    I missed out on this cos I could not decide when I was in the boutique. SG only ordered 5 and all were sold out!!!

    Do tell if the structure your red Maxi holds up...
  9. so gorgeous, congrats!
  10. Beautiful.
    Loving the red maxi :biggrin:
  11. congratulations!! your df is so sweet!
  12. Congratulations, Wai! What gorgy bags... DF is such a sweetheart.:yes:
  13. What beautiful bags! You have such a sweet DF
  14. congrats.. beautiful handbags..
  15. I bet your modeling pics of these lovely Valentine Ladies( RED/ CORAL) will be more exciting than this , WAI !

    These TDF color sure lift up your heart, singing, dancing and...giggling !

    CONGRATS ! CUTIE WAI !:heart: