my valentine present + my anniversary present!!! and modeling pics will follow...

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  1. What a Perfect & Beautiful gift to get for your Anniversary! Congrat's on the bag & the :love:
  2. both bags are lovely :smile: very warm colors really like them together as well!
  3. Wai, congrats!!! Your DF is soooo nice :smile:)))

    Wear these in good health and can't wait to see the modelling shots!!
  4. congratz on your lovely flaps! love the colors :love:
  5. :drool::drool::drool:
  6. yep the interior is the same color.. i will post pictures of it soon-- (well tonight cause i am at school until 8 today) and I think the EW fit more in general when compare to the medium flap but i love the look of the medium better! thats why...

  7. Thank you Chan!! but DH and DF is actually the same person... well he is still DF and future DH i guess.. when he called me from the transits place I told him i love them and he was happy!
  8. congrats Wai on the newest addition (i hope you dont mind me calling you wai;)) ~~you DF is so sweet and i can totally understand you about feeling down from his away. When my DF has to leave for business trips, i turn to tPF and LOST for comfort haha lol:P oh and i cant wait to see your gorgeous modeling pictures!!:heart:
  9. Your DF is soo sweet. You lucky girl! Both are beautiful Wai!!!:heart: I too was thinkin' the larger one was a navy blue. Haha. Your maxi is just down-right beautiful!!! Congrats on your new additions. Hope you feel better soon & can give us some modeling pics.:graucho:

    ***I am still this point I'll take the red or the blue!!!
  10. Hi Wai! Congrats on your 7th anniversary!! :nuts: Wow, you guys are practically married. :P Your Valentine's flap is so adorable and I can't wait to see modeling pics. I love your red maxi! We all know that you love red, so this was inevitable. Congrats on 2 gorgeous purchases and wish you and DF all the best! :heart: Please post modeling pics of your maxi when you get a chance!
  11. I love them both! Congrats!!!
  12. Dear cutie Wai,

    Before I go to sleep, I have to tell you that your DF/soon-to-be-DH is tooooo sweet!! You're such a lucky girl! Happy Anniversary to you and your DF!!

    Congrats on your 2 new Chanel additions!! Glad you like the coral valentine!! Hey.....I agree that this color suits you very much!!:yes: This color will make you even cuter! ;)

    And the color of your maxi is gorgeous! Love the orange tone of it.

    Congrats again and wear them in good health!

    I can't wait for your modeling pics!:heart:
  13. Cutie Wai, happy anniversary to you and DF. You are one lucky, lucky girl. Congrats on your recent haul, I'm glad you're so happy with them!
  14. Dear Wai....Now I know what's the other Chanel your got! Wow! Red Maxi!

    I'm kind of surprised, beacuse it's neither navy nor gold hardware! However, it's a really pretty bag!

    About the "wings", I guess you are "thinking outside the box". That's good. You're open to the non-structured classic flap! Next time when you model the Red Maxi for us later (here or mommy thread) - can you do messanger style? Pretty pls! :tender:I would like to see how it look :yes: Thank dear! :heart:
  15. Happy Anniversary to you and your DF! Your valentine coral flap and red maxi are gorgeous! I hope you feel better soon! Please post modeling pics when you're ready! I cant wait to see them! Hope school is doing well, hun!