my valentine present + my anniversary present!!! and modeling pics will follow...

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  1. Hi ladies~

    sooo on our anniversary day (7th anniversary and it was on the 10th) and Scot called that day telling me he got the bag i wanted! but i somehow thought i wouldnt like it when i saw it on the forum and i said No to him but he still kept it for me and when me and DF went there yesterday to say hi to him.. we both loved it and we kept that...sooo let's take a look what that is...

    after this reveal I will have another one which is the one that DF got me in secret! oh well.. soo after we got the anniversary bag Scot took out another one of my dream bag that he saved for me.. because i just got a bag i felt bad soo i didnt take that one.. but DF called scot and got it charge on his card.. and when i send him to airport he said there was something waiting for me for valentine.. and i thought it was flower anb right before his flight depart he send me a message to go to boutique cause i left something there yesterday. and when i did.. i got the bag of my dreams.... that i love soo much... and that would be the bigger box...
    soo any guess? Now that he went home i miss him terribly and i couldnt even open these boxes for a long time... soo it will come slowly and I will also have modeling picsss...

  2. Aww, Wai, your DF is soo sweet!! :girlsigh: I'm so sorry you miss him :sad:, but hopefully you will see him soon!! :hugs: Hmm, I think one of the flaps is a pretty Valentine's flap (so perfect for Valentine's day!! :nuts:) and the other... I'm so confused haha :P... I think it could be something blue though (and either a Jumbo or 227 reissue... maybe MA Jumbo or metallic blue reissue... or a miracle navy patent)!? :nuts: I can't wait to see pics! :smile:
  3. o god!! i cnt wait for the reveall!!! hurryy!!! and congrats u lucky one!
  4. can't wait for the reveal!
  5. :popcorn:
  6. :popcorn:
  7. Cutie Wai: Older women tend to lose patience ...... I am talking about ME!! hah
  8. man she is really draaaaging this one out?!?!?!?
  9. I want to seeeeee. =) Can't wait to see the lovely gifts!
  10. sorry.. somehow i got sick and somethings wrong with my stomach..
    but oh well.. Minal is right.. the first one is a valentine... Its the Coral Valentine Medium...



  11. sorry. i wasnt trying to dragg it long... i was just sick.. my stomach is upset... thats why..

    sooo the story.. the longer story of it is that i fall in love with it that even though i know its too small for me and kinda expansive for the size.. i really really love it.. so as DF... sorry for the horrible picture quality. DF is not longer here so i am just trying my best and I think my iphone isnt very happy with me these days..

    btw... R! u are not old!! u are fabulous and ur spirit is way younger than mine! btw again.. i am getting the kid shirt.. lol.. i ordered a 12 years old size and see if it fit..
  12. Is the interior also the same color? It looks nice! :tup:

    Didn't know it comes in medium too, I only saw the E/W! But the E/W would actually fit things better right? Since it doesn't have the double flap? :thinking:
  13. Love the color!! What a nice and thoughtful Valentines gift!!
  14. Me too! Hurry up wai, so I can go to sleep already! lol
  15. What a sweet DF! I can't wait for the reveal of the other box Wai!