my valentine present + my anniversary present!!! and modeling pics will follow...

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  1. Jen! where have u been? I had missed u!!
  2. :ty: Pixies!! the wedding is going to be in Burma with around 5000 guests... i am not sure if i will be a gorgeous bride but i am trying to lose weight now.. i gained so much over the holidays.. that i was at shocking (for me) 130.. and now i lost 10 but i have 10 more to goo until i get perfect (for me) again..

    Jewelry-- thats my mom's department.. I am not sure if i will be getting anything chanel.. i know she bought a few sets from bvlgari and harry winston for my wedding.. but there will be 9 sets all together so you never know.. right? i hope there will be.. but i have no idea...

    facebook! well find Wai from U.C. Berkeley Network and i am only one there... or PM me your name and i will add you~ u know i have a really close friend in Melborne and she is a big chanel freak!
  3. Congratulations cutie Wai! I love your new gifts! I still need to post pics sometime but my triplet babies have been so sick lately getting one cold after another. You make me want to get a coral valentine bag now!! Can i add you on my facebook too?
  4. of course u can rosie!!! thank you for your compliment and i hope your babies get better soon.. and yes GET THE VALENTINE CORAL! its really one of my fav bags now@
  5. AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!
  6. omg!! 5000 guests??? ur wedding is goin to be hugeeee...haha ure so lucky...Harry Winston jewelry is TDF!! and ur mum got u 9 sets? lucky girl :smile:) i tried to search u on fb but ur network cant be found for some reason..haha im too lazy to PM so i guess it shud be fine to give u my name Linh Cao (network New South Wales, Australia..) and u shud be able to find me..:roflmfao:

  7. Hum.. let see what i get from my mom.. lol. i think DF mom ought to give me 9 sets too (well not looking fwd it that much though)... okay i added you on facebook... hope i will see you there!!